Celebrity name: SHOBANA
Shobana is a one of the great actress in the film industry she is born in 1970 march 21, in the Thiruvananthapuram Kerala. Her height is 1.68m and her father name is chandrakumar pillai, and Anandam chandrakumar she won the Biggest National film award for the finest  actress Padma shri , and film fare Award for Best Actress in malayal, and Kerala stater film award for the best actress.
Her daughter name is Narayani chandrakuma. She did extremely then the 200 movie in dissimilar languages. She is even known for the classical dance Bharata Natyam dancer form Chennai.
Her first movie is as a child artist age of 9 only in the year of the 1980. She did that tamil movie called Mangala nayagi. She did her first telugu movie is Bhakta Dhruva markandeya in the year of 1982.
And she did a vikram as radha and latest in the year of 2006 she did  movie called Game she played as a pandit Raghava’s wife.and in the year of 2007 she did movie in the language of hindi she played a padmini kumar.
She did  movie in the year of 1991 April 1st  vidudhala in that movie did  marvels roel in that movie role is Bhuvaneshwari, in that rajendra Prasad was the hero in that movie she told that he wont be say lie for month she says  condition for the hero then he success that condition and he did marriage with her.
Her Classical life is she is Bharata natyam   dancer she did her dane train gar the Chidambaram academy it is in the Chennai, and Tamil nadu under chitra visweswaran she was one mid the judges in Jodi no.1 a reality gig in the vijay TV.
 She started gig in prestigious soorya tune and dance festival organized by soorya Krishna moorthy form the year 1994. In 1999 she along with pravhu deva and ar rahman performed with a Tamil film dancing troupe at the Michael Jackson and friends.
Shobana Biography
Shobana Real Name : Shobana
Shobana tiny Name : Np
Shobana Body Color : White
Shobana Legs color : white
Shobana Bio-data
Shobana Bra Size : Np
Shobana lips Color : Super
Shobana Hair Color : Black
Shobana Mouth Color: White
Shobana Range : Super
Shobana age : NP
Shobana Date Of Birth : np
Shobana Father Name : Np
Shobana Mother Name : Np
Shobana Affair : Np
Shobana Qualification
Shobana Marriage Photos : Np
Shobana Education : Np
Shobana Marriage Photos :Np
Shobana First Serial Name :
Shobana Affair : Np
Shobana Favorite
Shobana Favorite Book: NP
Shobana Favorite Place: Np
Shobana Favorite Country : Np
Shobana Favorite actor: Np
Shobana Favorite Actress: Np
Shobana Favorite Anchor : Np
Shobana Height : 5’5
Shobana Favorite Car : NP
Shobana Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Shobana Favorite Website : Np
Shobana Weight : 55
Shobana Home Town : Ap
Shobana Home Address : Hyd
Shobana Family Background
Shobana Favorite Junk Food : Np
Shobana ties color : White
Shobana Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Shobana Favorite bike : Np


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