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Manish Pandey  Biography
Manish Pandey Short Name : Chulbul Pandey
Manish Pandey Truth Name: Manish Krishnanand Pandey
Manish Pandey Occupation : International Cricketer
Manish Pandey Biodata
Manish Pandey Date Of Birth : 10/Sep/1989
Manish Pandey Age : 26
Manish  Pandey Sun Sign : Not Present
Manish  Pandey Nationality : Indian
Manish  Pandey Religion : Hindu
Manish  Pandey Profile
Manish  Pandey Coach :  J. Arun Kumar
Manish  Pandey Likes : Stylish Clothes, hair style, watching flick.
Manish  Pandey Girl Friend Issues
Manish  Pandey Girl Friend Name : Not Present
Manish  Pandey Body Dimensions :
Manish  Pandey altitude : 5 Ft 8
Manish  Pandey Weight : 68 Kgs
Manish  Pandey Profession : cricketer
Manish  Pandey Career
Manish  Pandey Domestic/ State : Karnataka, Board presidents Xl RCB,
Manish  Pandey Ipl Team Name : RCB
Manish  Pandey Birth Place : Nainital , Ukhanda India,
Manish  Pandey Education Damnations : Not Known
Manish  Pandey School brevi Name : Not Present
Manish  Pandey Collage brevi Name : Not Present
Manish  Pandey Family Details :
Manish  Pandey Father Name :  Krishnanand Pandey
Hardik  Pandey Mom Name : Tara Pandey
Hardik  Pandey Sisters Name : Not Present
Hardik  Pandey Brother Name : Not Present
Manish  Pandey bungalow Address : Karnataka
Manish  Pandey favori Color:  Not Present
Manish  Pandey Eye Color : Black
Manish  Pandey Hair Splendid Color : Black
Manish  Pandey Tattoos : Not Present
Manish  Pandey bungalow Town : Gujarat
Manish  Pandey  Favori Book : Not Present
Manish  Pandey Favori  Player : Rahul Dravid and AB De Villiers
Manish  Pandey  Favori Actress : Priyamani
Manish  Pandey  Favori Actor : ABN and Srkhan
Manish  Pandey  Favori Flick : Not Present
Manish  Pandey  Favori Food : Prawns Biryani, masala puri and pani puri
Manish  Pandey  Favori Place : Not Present
Manish  Pandey  Favori Area : Not Present
Manish  Pandey  Favori Stadium : Not Present
Manish  Pandey Favori Country : India
Manish  Pandey  Favori State : Not Present
Manish  Pandey Salary : Not Present
Manish  Pandey Favori Story Name : Not Present
Manish  Pandey  Favori Debunt Cricket : Austriala 2016
Manish  Pandey Favori Comedian : Not Present
Manish  Pandey Salary Details
Manish  Pandey Salary : Not Known
Manish  Pandey Test Match Salary : Not Present
Manish  Pandey All Cricket Videos
Manish  Pandey Hd Photos :
Manish  Pandey Cricket Gallery : Not Present
Manish  Pandey Face Color : White
Manish  Pandey Legs Color : White
Manish  Pandey Wife Name : NA
Manish  Pandey Lucky No : Not Present
Manish  Pandey Children’s Name : NA
Manish  Pandey Fingers Color : White
Manish  Pandey Hands Color : White
Manish  Pandey Best Wickets
Manish  Pandey Biography Height weight Age Affairs Family Biodata Profile Career.
Manish  Pandey Favorite Website Name : Freecenter.in 



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