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Jessica Alba is a award winning Hollywood actress and also a business-tycoon who started her career at an tender age of 13 with her debut in &quot. The Secret World of Alex Mack&quot, and &quot, Camp Nowhere&quot.
She was born on April 28 in the year of 1981 in a town named Pomona located in California US. Her parents were from different regions namely Mother Catherine Louisa alias nee Jensen from Danish, German English and French history and her father from California. her father is very large person in Hollywood.
 Jessica suffered from partially collapsed Lungs two times and with Pneumonia. She showed her interest in the acting field right from her childhood from the age of 11 who started at an acting competition by winning a prize as Free Acting classes and she also worked with the great SCI-FI Director James Cameron who Picked her from a crowd of 1200 members and made a television series named &quot, Dark Angel &quot, which made her to Golden Globe Nomination. She was also ranked as one of the top elegant 100 hot women in Maxim Magazine.
 Here is the list of some of her films as 1-The Killer Inside me 2-Fantastic Four 3-Fantastic four (The Rise of Silver Surfer) 4- Valentine& 39 s Day. 5-Spy KIDs: All the time in the world. Her Film Valentine & 39 s day was Hit Romantic comedy film which was directed by Garry Marshall


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