Jane Levy whose complete name is Jane Colburn Levy whose origin is in America and an Actress in Hollywood who acted in films like FUN SIZE, NOBODY WALKS, EVIL DEAD.
She is the daughter of Lester levy and Mary who are from almost different religion beliefs who are responsible for Jane Levy’s birth at California. She was also listed in one of the great Magazine named FORBES with the list named as 30 UNDER 30 WHO ARE REINVENTING THE WORLD.
She is also known as the Brightest star of the future. She started her career in debut in a TV series named SHAMELESS. She got into official relationship and married Jaime Freitas in 2011, and also separated in 2011 it may be funny but true that they were married and separated in the same year due to some miss-balancing and mishandling of their life.
Here is the list of some of the Films she showed up 1-NOBODY_WALKS, 2-FUN_SIZE, 3-EVIL_DEAD, 4-ABOUT_ALEX, 5-BANG_BANG_BABY, 6-FRANK_AND_CINDY, 7-DON’T_BREATH. She is often referred to the one of the Sexiest actor EMMA STONE as she too have Red hair.
She was raised up in Northern California and she got the chance in Evil Dead, in the place of Lily Collins, and her height is of 5feet and 1.5 inch which is about 156CM. According to me, she is cute and a dynamic character.
In the school timing she was a member of Hip Hop Dancing and also captain of the soccer gang. She was considered as one of the member of BREAKOUT Stars of 2K11, and also occupied a place in the list of top 11 list of funniest women, which was hosted by AOL.
She is also going to be a part in the film, named Monster Trucks which is going to be directed by Chris Wedge, who directed the Ice age series. She says about herself being a Floater, who is someone who will hangout with everyone.
she took her graduation degree from Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New york. After her graduation she stayed over New york for about two years and moved to Los Angeles, she acted as Mandy Milkovich in a 5-episode, named Shameless.



Jane Levy Father name : Lester Levy

Mother Name : Mary Levy

Age :  28



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