Hi Friends This is Tony, ya today we had newly topic , the topic name is Sybase dba.
I will tell you fully ness info about Sybase dba.
Sybase dba: Sybase is a Adapter server enterprises and it is a multi thread process system friends and actually this Sybase dba is computer Software Organization this developed by the sells database.
Actually Sybase dba was founded in  1984 California and Us  side , friends it is a actually started in first test program in 1986 and Sybase dba 1987 formally released the Sybase system afterwards this  entry the  first  gigantic  performance in Rdbms online application.
Rdbms Meaning: Relational Data Base management System, it is can supported has a both Linux co and compart to security level and it is Equal to the oracle..
Ok Friends We have to create in Devices in Our Sybase dba Ase server side system …
How to Create Devices in Sybase Dba, I can tell you fully step by step friends with screen shorts friends
First Step we can take name and physname and afterwards size, size is a must and should it is telling our company friends.
Disk init
Name: friends U can take anything name like data_dev1 and mac_dev1 friends, don’t  take with names only  u can take data side are Mac side only.
Physname: Friends here physname meaning is U can Create Path.
Size: size U can take in MB is Friends and afterwards u can enter the button.
U can take 2 types one type is Data device and log device folder friends.
1 step


Disk init
Name =”data_dev1”,
Physname =”  D:\Devices\datadevice\data_dev1”,
Size =”30M”


Log devices also be both are same ..
Disk init
Physname =”D:\Devices\logdevice\log_dev1”,
Size =” 25M”
This is a we have created  as a Sybase Dba devices friends and u can try this devices in your system friends.
How To Create Devices in Sybase Dba with Syntax




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