Hi Sybase DBA Friends , I am Paul today Textual is latest info about how to check complete devices in Sybase DBA , it is updated by freecenter,
Devices complete syntax in below
 Actually Devices are  2 types in Sybase dba
1) file system
2) Raw device
Filesystem is actually this unsecurity disk and file system devices are 2 types 1) data device 2) log device .
Raw Device : Raw device is Security side , raw devices are 2 types
character raw device
black raw device.
Data Device is store the data and devices size are should be 8 or 16 or 32 or 64 it is GBs, it is always organization recommended this devices
Actually this sp_helpdevice command working as gig complete devices , but devices nothing but is is a storage the data
sp_helpdevice is a Report info about entirely Sybase Adaptive server database devices, and this syntax is sp_helpdevice and u can write command only small letters ok.
If you want single device in sybase dba u can write syntax is.
sp_helpdevice devicename
it will display the particular device name showing in full info
like device name -physical name description status device number low and high disk size

 how to create devices in Sybase Dba

How To Check Complete Devices in Sybase Dba | sp_helpdevice


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