Hi Damsel this day We had given to latest Indian Musician his name is Haricharan Seshadri , he is Very Biggest Musician person in Indian side, Haricharan Was Born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu State.
Haricharan Comes from a Family of tune Connoisseurs . Coming to the important his Family background, his Father name is Seshadri he is Very Largish Person in Tamil Nadu state, his Mother name is Latha.
Haricharan Debutante flick as singer is Kaadhal, which was a Tamil industry Flick composed by Joshua Sridhar. He had done Sung in 3 songs in his debutante flick.
Haricharan  has been Worked with a fantastic Successful tune music composers .
Haricharan Biography
Haricharan Real Name : Haricharan
Haricharan tiny Name : Np
Haricharan Body Color : White
Haricharan Legs color : white
Haricharan Bio-data
Haricharan lips Color : Super
Haricharan Hair Color : Black
Haricharan Range : Super
Haricharan age : 29
Haricharan Date Of Birth : Mar 20 1987
Haricharan Father Name : G. Seshadri
Haricharan Mother Name : latha
Haricharan Affair : Np
Haricharan Qualification
Haricharan Marriage Photos : Np
Haricharan Education : Np
Haricharan Marriage Photos :Np
Haricharan First Movie Name :
Haricharan Affair : Np
Haricharan Favorite
Haricharan Favorite Book: NP
Haricharan Favorite Place: Np
Haricharan Favorite Country : Np
Haricharan Favorite actor: Np
Haricharan Favorite Actress: Np
Haricharan Favorite Anchor : Np
Haricharan Height : 5’7
Haricharan Favorite Car : NP
Haricharan Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Haricharan Favorite Website : Np
Haricharan Weight : 65
Haricharan Home Town : Ap
Haricharan Home Address :
Haricharan Family Background
Haricharan Favorite Junk Food : Np
Haricharan ties color : White
Haricharan Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Haricharan Favorite bike : Np




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