Daler Singh Mehndi born in Patna, Bihar on August 18, 1967.  His real name is daler Singh but known by in industry and stage name is daler mehndi, came up in a family of musicians, he has been practicing the various repeat of Indian classical tune such as Ragas and Shabads from the holy  book of the Sikhs Guru Granth Sahib

Highly effect from the Patiala Gharana style of music, he get away from home at the age of 11 to be trained by the celebrated Late Ustad Raahat Ali Khan and gave his first stage performance at the age of 13 where his parents found him on stage between his fans who are pour flowers and currency notes upon him.


Ever since then Daler Singh Mehndi has been a fantastic gig, entertainer and a Industry great musician.


He has given a lot hits to the music industry along with the world famous Internet event Tunak Tunak Tun in the year of 1998 which is a rage on YouTube and Bolo Ta Ra Ra in the year of 1995.  In The year 1997.


Daler Mehndi attempted into playback singing and made his first presentation on the large screen with the Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan in his comeback movie Mrityudaata in the year 1997.


He has made came in many Bollywood movies as well lent his voice for songs such as Arjun Pandit (1999) and Khauff (2000). In 2003 Daler burn into playback singing for films. He is first song in the film industry for the film called muqbal.


The same year Daler did a work with A.R rahman to give another path Nach Le for lakeer forbidden. He fused Rock with Bhangra with his next album titled Mojaan Laen Do and in the year 2004 he ascetic produced Shaa Ra Ra. And his relate is Mika Singh and hans Raj hans.


Daler Mehndi Biography

Daler Mehndi Real Name : Daler Mehndi

Daler Mehndi tiny Name : Np

Daler Mehndi Body Color : White

Daler Mehndi Legs color : white

Daler Mehndi Bio-data

Daler Mehndi lips Color : Super

Daler Mehndi Hair Color : Black

Daler Mehndi Mouth Color: White

Daler Mehndi Range : Super

Daler Mehndi age : 48

Daler Mehndi Date Of Birth : Aug/ 18/1967

Daler Mehndi Father Name : Np

Daler Mehndi Mother Name : Np

Daler Mehndi Affair : Np

Daler Mehndi Qualification

Daler Mehndi Marriage Photos : Np

Daler Mehndi Education : Np

Daler Mehndi Marriage Photos :Np

Daler Mehndi First song Name :

Daler Mehndi Affair : Np

Daler Mehndi Favorite


Daler Mehndi Favorite Book: NP

Daler Mehndi Favorite Place: Np

Daler Mehndi Favorite Country : Np

Daler Mehndi Favorite actor: Np

Daler Mehndi Favorite Actress: Np

Daler Mehndi Favorite Anchor : Np

Daler Mehndi Height : 5’5

Daler Mehndi Favorite Car : NP

Daler Mehndi Favorite Tourist Place : Np

Daler Mehndi Favorite Website : Np

Daler Mehndi Weight : 65

Daler Mehndi Home Town : NP

Daler Mehndi Home Address :

Daler Mehndi Family Background

Daler Mehndi Favorite Junk Food : Np

Daler Mehndi ties color : White

Daler Mehndi Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career

Daler Mehndi Favorite bike : Np


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