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Hi Damsel I am Lagan i have Stunning girl inf given to you friends about our Heart girl name is Mumaith Khan, she is a Actress who was born 1 Sep, 1985 (Mumaith Khan age is only 30 Years) at Mumbai, India.
She is a very Talented Film Actress in South Indian Film industry. she is an Islamic religion, Mumaith family hailed from Pakistan but moved to the India where they have settled in the outskirts of Mumbai.
 Her father is an Indian (T.N) and her mother is a Pakistani. her father name is Abdul Rashid Khan and mother name is Hasina Khan and she has a boy friend his name was Sallo and she has a one sister her name was  Zobyn Khan also entered the film industry and has done some cameo appearances in Telugu films.
She Has Acted Variety Role of Character of Multiple Language Flicks. Mumaith Khan has Made her Acting Debutante 2002 Hindi Flick Kaante. Her Debutante Telugu Film is Dictator & Debut Tamil Film is mambattiyan (2005). Mumaith got the opportunity to play an item song in the Hindi Movie Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.   In Dr. Rajasekhar’s film Evadaithe Nakenti, she played a police officer’s role named F.Myssama as a heroin character and also She has acted as a heroine in the flicks ‘Bhookailas’ with Venu Madhav as the hero. Mumaith Khan an Indian film actress known for her item numbers. She has acted in nearly 15 flicks in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada languages.
she done the kannada films such as flicks names Citizen in the year of 2008,Orata in the year of 2007, and Raj-the show man Shourya Rajadhani .
  Mumaith Khan Biography
  Mumaith Khan Real Name :   Mumaith Khan
  Mumaith Khan tiny Name : Np
  Mumaith Khan Body Color : White
  Mumaith Khan Legs color : white
  Mumaith Khan Bio-data
  Mumaith Khan legs Color : White
  Mumaith Khan Hair Color : Black
  Mumaith Khan Mouth Color: White
  Mumaith Khan Range : Super
  Mumaith Khan age : 28
  Mumaith Khan Date Of Birth : Np
  Mumaith Khan Father Name : Np
  Mumaith Khan Mother Name : Np
  Mumaith Khan Affair : Np
  Mumaith Khan Qualification
  Mumaith Khan Marriage Photos : Np
  Mumaith Khan Education : Np
  Mumaith Khan Marriage Photos :Np
  Mumaith Khan First flick Name :
  Mumaith Khan Affair : Np
  Mumaith Khan Favorite
  Mumaith Khan Favorite Book: NP
  Mumaith Khan Favorite Place: Np
  Mumaith Khan Favorite Country : Np
  Mumaith Khan Favorite Tourist Place : Np
  Mumaith Khan Favorite Website : Np
  Mumaith Khan Weight : 55
  Mumaith Khan Home Town : Patna, Bihar
  Mumaith Khan Home Address :
  Mumaith Khan Family Background
  Mumaith Khan Favorite Junk Food : Np
  Mumaith Khan ties color : White
  Mumaith Khan Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
  Mumaith Khan Favorite bike : Np



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Dev Singh Gill is an Indian film actor and model.his real name is Devinder Singh Gill Born in 12 October 1977. in the place of Pune, Maharashtra, India. his Height was 1.8 m. Dev Gill  he lives in  Pune, Maharashtra, India Residence is Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune in the Year he did the Film called in that  movie his  Role is  language Notes in the Year 2004 .
He did the Film called Shaheed-E-Azamin that  movie his  Role is Rajguru Hindi in the Year 2005 he did the Film called Mr Prime Minister Hindi in the Year 2006 he did the Film called Bold Raj Hindi in the Year 2008 he did the Film called Krishnarjuna Telugu in the Year 2009 He did the Flick called Magadheera in that movie his Role is Raghuveer / Ranadev Billa Telugu in the Year 2010 he did the flick called flick Surain that  movie his  Role is Samudra RajaTamil RagadaG. K.Telugu in the Year 2011 he did the Film called Prema Kavali In that movie his Role is Tagore Telugu in the Year 2012 He did the Film called Poola Rangaduin that  movie his  Role is Konda Reddy Telugu Rachchain that  movie his  Role is Baireddanna’s son Telugu Sagarin that  movie his  Role is Sonu Kannada in the Year 2013 he did the  Film called Naayakin that  movie his  Role is Badvel Telugu Adda Telugu Election In that  movie his  Role is Deviprasad Kannada Bhaag Milkha Bhaag in that  movie his  Role is Abdul Khaliq Hindi in the Year 2014 he did the Film called Mr. Fraud In that movie his Role is Nikki Malayalam in the Year 2014 He did the Film called Lingaa Tamil In the Year 2014he did the Film called Saadey CM Saab.Punjabi
in the Year2015 he did the Film called Zoom Kannada.
  Dev Gill Biography
  Dev Gill  Real Name :   Dev Gill
  Dev Gill  tiny Name : Np
  Dev Gill  Body Color : White
  Dev Gill  Legs color : white
  Dev Gill Bio-data
  Dev Gill  legs Color : White
  Dev Gill  Hair Color : Black
  Dev Gill  Mouth Color: White
  Dev Gill  Range : Super
  Dev Gill  age : 24
  Dev Gill Date Of Birth : Np
  Dev Gill Father Name : Np
  Dev Gill Mother Name : Np
  Dev Gill  Affair : Np
  Dev Gill  Qualification
  Dev Gill  Marriage Photos : Np
  Dev Gill  Education : Np
  Dev Gill  Marriage Photos :Np
  Dev Gill  First flick Name :
  Dev Gill  Affair : Np
  Dev Gill  Favorite
  Dev Gill  Favorite Book: NP
  Dev Gill  Favorite Place: Np
  Dev Gill  Favorite Country : Np
  Dev Gill  Favorite Tourist Place : Np
  Dev Gill  Favorite Website : Np
  Dev Gill  Weight : 55
  Dev Gill  Home Town : Patna, Bihar
  Dev Gill  Home Address :
  Dev Gill  Family Background
  Dev Gill  Favorite Junk Food : Np
  Dev Gill  ties color : White
  Dev Gill  Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
  Dev Gill  Favorite bike : Np



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Hi Friends My name is Avantika Vandanapu Srinu his Birth Name Narra Srinivas was  born in the Place of Guntur District,India.
His Mother Tongue is Telugu his living in the place of 202, Mahalakshmi Estates, K-9, Rajeev Nagar, Hyderabad.
He is an Indian and his father Very Hyper person in the state his  name is Venkat Ratnam Naidu and his  mother name is Hanumayamma she is house wife  and his Hometown Hyderabad, Telangana, India.his Eye Colour Black his Hair Colour Black is his first movie name is Dongalunnaru Jagratt.
He did the flicks is 10 his Prominent films Swarnakka,Dongalunnaru Jagratta FIRST FILM. that movie Director P Satya Reddy, satya reddy is a Very most talented person and  Producer P Satya Reddy Mother tongue Telugu.
And he know the Other languages English Hindi. In year of 2015, Narra Srinu has speared in Telugu multi-starrer flicks ‘Gopala Gopala’ starring Victory Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan in lead roles.
As now, Narra Srinu is busy with the several impending flicks in Telugu movies. Narra Srinu Started his film career with director P Satya Reddy’s film ‘Dongalunnaru Jagratta After ‘Gabbar Singh’ flick, Narra Srinu again played a supporting role in Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Attarintiki Daaredi’ flick.
his film is released in 2013 and turned as super hit at the box office. He did  the Gabbar singh2 also in the he did the great role. As comedian.


Avantika Vandanapu Biography
Avantika Vandanapu Real Name : Avantika Vandanapu
Avantika Vandanapu tiny Name : Np
Avantika Vandanapu Body Color : White
Avantika Vandanapu Legs color : white
Avantika Vandanapu Bio-data
Avantika Vandanapu legs Color : White
Avantika Vandanapu Hair Color : Black
Avantika Vandanapu Mouth Color: White
Avantika Vandanapu Range : Super
Avantika Vandanapu age : Np
Avantika Vandanapu Date Of Birth : Np
Avantika Vandanapu Father Name : Np
Avantika Vandanapu Mother Name : Np
Avantika Vandanapu Affair : Np
Avantika Vandanapu Qualification
Avantika Vandanapu Marriage Photos : Np
Avantika Vandanapu Education : Np
Avantika Vandanapu Marriage Photos :Np
Avantika Vandanapu First flick Name :
Avantika Vandanapu Affair : Np
Avantika Vandanapu Favorite
Avantika Vandanapu Favorite Book: NP
Avantika Vandanapu Favorite Place: Np
Avantika Vandanapu Favorite Country : Np
Avantika Vandanapu Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Avantika Vandanapu Favorite Website : Np
Avantika Vandanapu Weight : 55
Avantika Vandanapu Home Town : Patna, Bihar
Avantika Vandanapu Home Address :
Avantika Vandanapu Family Background
Avantika Vandanapu Favorite Junk Food : Np
Avantika Vandanapu ties color : White
Avantika Vandanapu Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Avantika Vandanapu Favorite bike : Np

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Hi this Day We had Newly Actor about Ramesh Ramilla in film industry known as Thagubothu Ramesh he has born in 25th November 1981 at Godavarikhani, Karimnagar, Telangana, India, he has a Star Sign Sagittarius he even a Actor and Comic, his Wife name is Swati Ramilla, and his first film was Jagadam.
Before entering in to the flick industry he Ramesh has been working in a building supervisor since 10 years. Afterwards his parents death and sisters marriage, he decided to pursue acting as a career.
He got the moniker Tagubothu" as he portrayed several roles as a drunkard. He was an Indian film actor and comedian in Telugu flick industry. He got the byname as “Tagubothu” for his gig roles as always drinker character.
He played many roles in the films such as Mahatma, Ala Modalaindi, Pilla Zamindar, Ishq. His father was worked at Singareni Collieries Company and his mother was a housewife. Ramesh got an  offer to gig a tiny character in Sukumar’s film Jagadam, Ramesh was more interacted with the famous Telugu actor Uttej.
 Uttej introduced Ramesh to top Telugu film director Krishna Vamsi for the role of a drunkard in Mahatma. Ramesh was mostly played as drinker characters.
He was best known his gig as drinker roles in the films such as Ala Modalaindi, 100% Love, Ishq, Eega, Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde, Venkatadri Express, Surya vs Surya. He was chipped mimicry artist and he was gig extremely stage shows in his town.
He was always said that he was hyper motivated by Bengali comic Keshto Mukherjee, he was even gig many roles as drinker characters.
Ramesh Ramilla Biography
 Ramesh Ramilla  Real Name :  Ramesh Ramilla
 Ramesh Ramilla  tiny Name : Np
 Ramesh Ramilla  Body Color : White
 Ramesh Ramilla  Legs color : white
 Ramesh Ramilla  Bio-data
 Ramesh Ramilla  legs Color : White
 Ramesh Ramilla  Hair Color : Black
 Ramesh Ramilla  Mouth Color: White
 Ramesh Ramilla  Range : Super
 Ramesh Ramilla  age : 35
 Ramesh Ramilla Date Of Birth : Nov-25-1981
 Ramesh Ramilla Father Name : Np
 Ramesh Ramilla  Mother Name : Np
 Ramesh Ramilla  Affair : Np
 Ramesh Ramilla  Qualification
 Ramesh Ramilla  Marriage Photos : Np
 Ramesh Ramilla  Education : Np
 Ramesh Ramilla  Marriage Photos :Np
 Ramesh Ramilla  First flick Name :
 Ramesh Ramilla  Affair : Np
 Ramesh Ramilla  Favorite
 Ramesh Ramilla  Favorite Book: NP
 Ramesh Ramilla  Favorite Place: Np
 Ramesh Ramilla  Favorite Country : Np
 Ramesh Ramilla  Favorite Tourist Place : Np
 Ramesh Ramilla  Favorite Website : Np
 Ramesh Ramilla  Weight : 63
 Ramesh Ramilla  Home Town : Patna, Bihar
 Ramesh Ramilla  Home Address :
 Ramesh Ramilla  Family Background
 Ramesh Ramilla  Favorite Junk Food : Np
 Ramesh Ramilla  ties color : White
 Ramesh Ramilla  Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
 Ramesh Ramilla  Favorite bike : Np


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Vijay Prakash is born in 21 February. in the year of 1976 his born in Mysore, Karnataka, India. his skin color is Wheatish his Hair color is Black his Eye color is Black he is an Indian he is a Hindu he did his degree in the College of Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering. But he stopped his education. He sing a song for the films Naan Kadavul, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa, Nanban his Home Town
is Mumbai his mother name is L. Ramasesha and father name is Lopa Mudra Prakash.
He married with Mahathi Vijay Prakash she is also a singer and voice actor, model, she has dubbed for 10000 ads in Telugu and kannda, Hindi , and etc., they have daughter Kavya he got a award in the year of 2011 Vijay Award for Best Male Playback Singer. And another one is Film fare Award for Best Male Playback Singer
in the language of Kannada in the year of 2015.
 Vijay Prakash has sung 52 songs from 43 Movies. He has sung other countries songs as a Chinese film. he is even played roles in Tamil and Telugu movies. Vijay Prakash was a participant within the program SA Re Ga Ma on ZEE TV, hosted by Sonu Nigam.  He created it to the mega-finals in 1999. He’s a student of Suresh Wadkar.
His albums are Shivlilamrut and Dancing with Shiva and Geeta Amrut and Soul Music and Vighnaharta and Shubh Laabh and Preachings Of Buddha And Villali Veerane Veeramani Kantane And Andhar Bahar and Mangal Mandir Kholo and Manah Shanti – The Peace We Seek and Naan Kadavul etc.

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P. Unni Krishnan  he is born in 09 July in the year of 1966.he born in the place of Palakkad, Kerala. his skin color Fair his Hair color Black his Eye color Black he is an Indian. He is a Hindu. His schooling form Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School, Chennai, in the year of 1983.


Graduated from Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College, Chennai, and he got a degree B.Com from the Madras University.


He received a General Law and Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations. His Birth Sign Cancer.


In his life He was inspired by Sangita Kalanidhi Dr. S. Raman than. his most popular films are Aasai ,Jeans, Kadhalar Dhinam Home Town is Chennai his father name is Radhakrishnan and mother name is Harini he marriage with Priya he had a son and daughter there names is Vasudev Krishna.


Krishnan is a grade artist of the All India Radio and has given a number of shows all over India, U.S.A, The Middle East, The United Kingdom Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. He is one of the permanent judges in the reality television show Airtel Super Singer on Vijay TV in both the seasons.


His albums are sivamayam and vadivela sivabala and ramadarshanam and abhishegam 2 and sabarimalai kattukkulle and sadhguru sai and abishegam 1 and anathanaprabhuvae and a scintillating Experience and etc.


Unni Krishnan Biography


Unni Krishnan Real Name : P. Unni Krishnan


Unni Krishnan nick name : Krishna


Unni Krishnan Biodata


Unni Krishnan Age : 62


Unni Krishnan Date of birth: July 9, 1966


Unni Krishnan Website:


Unni Krishnan Place of Birth: Palakkad. Kerala


Unni Krishnan Nationality: India


Unni Krishnan profile


Unni Krishnan home town : Kerala




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Hi Friends My name is Bablu this day we had newly info about Our nice actor name is Prabhas sreenu known as a Comic Villain Prabhas sreenu was born in the 10th  June. Sreenu but is known as Prabhas Sreenu in the film industry.He and Prabhas bonded well when they got trained at Satyanand Acting School.
Prabhas Sreenu was a prominent Indian comic actor. He was well recognized for Mega Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s block buster flick Gabbar Singh.
  Prabhas Sreenu is mostly suitable for supporting roles in the flicks. he was living at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
Prahas and Prabhas Both are  batch mates in Sathyanand acting school. When Prahas started in the Indian Telugu Flick Industry, Prabhas Sreenu has become largish fan of Prabhas.
From then he started small supporting part in the flicks. Prabhas has introduced Prabhas Sreenu to the industry.
But if you ask him what his dream role is, he says that he has no such thing. “I want to be busy as an actor and I will act even for 25Rs if I like the role”, he said.
Donchay, Appudu Ala Eppudu Ela, Hyper, Supreme, Extreme Raja, and Meelo Evaru Kotiswarudu among many other.
Sreenu loves dancing but never got coached, he reveals, “We knew right from the word go that the second half of the film would be a major plus. No one ever saw the talent of these people who danced. I’m now doing Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, Shadow, Bhaskar’s film, Yevadu.
 My father is a deputy collector. His friends who were concerned about him would chide and tell him to find me some job in a petrol bunk and would remark no one will ever watch my films and question: Paiga nee koduku emaina andagaada? Dad is now very happy, he is glad that he took the decision to support me.
Prabhas sreenu Biography
Prabhas sreenu Real Name : Prabhas sreenu
Prabhas sreenu tiny Name : Np
Prabhas sreenu Body Color : White
Prabhas sreenu color : white
Prabhas sreenu Bio-data
Prabhas sreenu Color : White
Prabhas sreenu Hair Color: Black Aditi Arya
Prabhas sreenu Mouth Color: White
Prabhas sreenu Range: Super
Prabhas sreenu age:
Prabhas sreenu Date Of Birth : Sep 18 1994
Prabhas sreenu Father Name : Np
Prabhas sreenu Mother Name : Np
Prabhas sreenu Affair : Np
Prabhas sreenu Qualification
Prabhas sreenu Marriage Photos : Np
Prabhas sreenu Education : Np
Prabhas sreenu Marriage Photos :Np
Prabhas sreenu First flick Name :
Prabhas sreenu Affair : Np
Prabhas sreenu Favorite
Prabhas sreenu Favorite Book: NP
Prabhas sreenu Favorite Place: Np
Prabhas sreenu Favorite Country : Np
Prabhas sreenu Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Prabhas sreenu Favorite Website : Np
Prabhas sreenu Weight : 63
Prabhas sreenu Home Town : Patna, Bihar
Prabhas sreenu Home Address :
Prabhas sreenu Family Background
Prabhas sreenu Favorite Junk Food : Np
Prabhas sreenu ties color : White
Prabhas sreenu Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Prabhas sreenu Favorite bike : Np



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G. Ashok was born in the place of  Ongole in Andhra Pradesh India. National award winning director Bala was his friend when he was in Chennai .he is an Indian. His Eye Color, Black his  , Hair Color Black his  his first movie is  Aakasa Ramanna. G. Ashok is an Indian film director.


He has been working in Telugu Flicks. He was received splendid identification amid the public with his direction skills. He has a introduced on in dance assistant in year of the 1997. He got the name for the flick hit as a director with Pilla Zamindar movie in 2011 year. G. Ashok was worked in lot of flicks like Chiranjeevi starred film Master, Nagarjuna acted flick Annamayya, and so on. Ashok was worked with dance masters such as Swarnalatha, Lawrence, Raju Sundaram and DKS Babu.

his First Film is “Ushodayam”, a children’s film which won hyper Director for 2007( Nandi), Second Flick is “Flash News” in 2007, Then came “Akasa Ramanna” with Allari Naresh, Meer Jasminein, In 2011 “Pilla Zamindar” with Nani. In 2013 “Sukumarudu” With Aadi. He is a classical dancer and good at 13 various Indian classical dances.


He got the Nandi award for the film of Ushodayam. Flick Cast Note in the Year of  2010 film called  Aakasa Ramanna in that hero and heroine are  Allari Naresh, Meera Jasmine.       in the  Year of  2011  film called Pilla Zamindar in that hero and heroine are Nani (actor), of Haripriya  in the  Year of  2013  film called Sukumarudu in that hero and heroine are Aadi (Telugu actor)  Nisha Agarwal     in the  Year of  2016  film called “Chitrangada” in that heroin are Anjali in the  Year of  2017 film called    Bhagmati in that hero and heroin are Anushka Shetty.

G. Ashok Biography Biodata Profile Age DoB Family Date of Birth Career

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sreerama chandra Full Biography……….


sreerama chandra his full name is Sreerama Chandra Mynampati he born in 19 January 1988. Sreerama Chandra was born in Addanki,  Prakasam district , into a Telugu speaking Brahmin family. Telangana, India.his an Indian he is a playback singing Singer  Actor.
He had a talent of playing of Instruments Vocalist,Guitar, He is a complete music lover and he has performed in many music shows including playback singing for telegu movies also .
 He even participated in many Telugu reality shows like SYE, SA RE GA MA PA. and he is a Finalist and 1st Runner-up of Jo Jeeta Wohi Super Star 2 in the year of 2012 Title Winner of Okkare conducted by ETV in the year of 2008 June to December.
He has programmes with Koti, M. M. Keeravani , Madhavapeddi Suresh, VandemataramSrinivas, Ghantadi Krishna and many more music directors.
He got many Awards like Sreerama got the  great award of Lata Mangeshkar Award from Andhra Pradesh .
Sreerama got the award of Ghantasala Award on 4 December. He won the Indian Idol 5 contest on 15  August in the year of 2010.
In the non-film tune category of GIMA in the year of 2011 Indian Idol 5 winner Sreeram won best music debutente for Rehnuma.
in his school days onlyand during college life he took professional training in singing. Now Sreeram is a  professional singer and had done many shows and sang for few telugu movies. He worked with a popular tune directors such as Mani Sharma, Kalyani Mallik and Ramana Gogula.
Sreeram is sung in  bollywood also his gig the hit track  to which music director Pritam commented that Sreeram was ready to start playback singing immediately.
We see very less reality show winners crack it in Bollywood. And with a lot of Pakistani singers coming into Bollywood, there is hyper competition. Also,now 75% of the tune composers are singing themselves, so there seven less scope for singers. he had a sing The Chronicles of Narnia The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which is all set to release in 3D, in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu apart from English, now has an added attraction.
Sreerama Chandra Biography Profile Biodata DoB Height Weight Siblings Family

Sana Biography

Sana  Real Name : Sana

Sana  tiny Name : Np

Sana  Body Color : White

Sreerama Chandra color : white

Sana  Bio-data

Sana  Bra Size : Np

Sana  lips Color : Super

Sana  Hair Color : Black

Sana  Mouth Color: White

Sana  Range : Super

Sana  age : NP

Sana  Date Of Birth : NP

Sana  Father Name : Np

Sana  Mother Name : Np

Sana  Affair : Np

Sana  Qualification

Sana  Marriage Photos : Np

Sana  Education : Np

Sana  Marriage Photos :Np

Sana First Movie Name : Adda

Sana  Affair : Np

Sana  Favorite

Sana  Favorite Book: NP

Sana  Favorite Place: Np

Sana  Favorite Country : Np

Sana Favorite actor: Np

Sana  Favorite Actress: Np

Sana  Favorite Anchor : Np

Sana  Height : 5’6

Sana  Favorite Car : NP

Sana  Favorite Tourist Place : Np

Sana  Favorite Website : Np

Sana  Weight : 59

Sana  Home Town : Ap

Sana  Home Address : Hyd

Sana  Family Background

Sana Favorite Junk Food : Np

Sana  ties color : White

Sana  Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career

Sana  Favorite bike : Np



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Hi Friends This day Best and Fantastic Actor Full Name Boyapati Srinu and his Birth Name Boyapati Srinivas he born in the 25th month of April.


He was born in the place of Pedakakani, Guntur, India he married with the Vilekha.


He had a one daughter and one son there names are Harshit and Joshita. His first name is Badhra He is a chipped Director his Eye Color Black and his Hair Color Black Srinu completed his studded from JKC College in Guntur and attended Nagarjuna University.


he had starred his first flick with  Ravi Teja, Meera Jasmine, and Prakash Raj. The film went on to become a box office success. Two years later in 2007, his next film, Tulasi was released. Starring Venkatesh,  Nayanatara.

Simha went on to become the highest grosser of 2010.  his next film was Dhammu, starring Jr.NTR, Trisha and Karthik. Legend came out in 2014 and this flick is very art of he special to me. This flick turned out to be a block buster.


He has got the Awards that are  TSR – TV9 Award for Best Director (2010) for the Flick   Simha. TSR – TV9 Award for Best Director (2015) for the film Legend. Cine MAA Award for Best Director (2015) for the flick Legend.


in the year of 2005 12th May, he did the Bhadra Ravi Teja, Meera Jasmine in the year of 2007 12th October he did the flick called    Tulasi     Venkatesh, Nayantara in the year of 2010 30th April, he did the flick called           Simha    Balakrishna Nandamuri, Nayantara, Sneha Ullal, Namitha in the year of 2012 27th April,          he did the movie called Dammu                Jr. NTR, Trisha Krishnan, Karthika Nair

in the year of 2014  28th Marche did the movie called     Legend Balakrishna Nandamuri,  Jagapathi Babu , Sonal Chauhan ,  Radhika Apte in the year of 2016he did the flick called Sarainodu Allu Arjun, Rakul Preet Singh in the year of 2016                Untitled Boyapati Srinu project  Bellamkonda Sreenivas, Rakul Preet Singh.



Boyapati Srinu  Biography
Boyapati Srinu  Real Name : Boyapati Srinu
Boyapati Srinu  tiny Name : Np
Boyapati Srinu  Body Color : White
Boyapati Srinu  Legs color : white
Boyapati Srinu  Bio-data
Boyapati Srinu  legs Color : White
Boyapati Srinu  Hair Color : Black Boyapati Srinu
Boyapati Srinu  Mouth Color: White
Boyapati Srinu  Range : Super
Boyapati Srinu  age :
Boyapati Srinu  Date Of Birth : Np
Boyapati Srinu  Father Name : Np
Boyapati Srinu  Mother Name : Np
Boyapati Srinu  Affair : Np
Boyapati Srinu  Qualification
Boyapati Srinu  Marriage Photos : Np
Boyapati Srinu  Education : Np
Boyapati Srinu  Marriage Photos :Np
Boyapati Srinu  First flick Name :
Boyapati Srinu  Affair : Np
Boyapati Srinu  Favorite
Boyapati Srinu  Favorite Book: NP
Boyapati Srinu  Favorite Place: Np
Boyapati Srinu  Favorite Country : Np
Boyapati Srinu  Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Boyapati Srinu  Favorite Website : Np
Boyapati Srinu  Weight : 63
Boyapati Srinu  Home Town : Patna, Bihar
Boyapati Srinu  Home Address :
Boyapati Srinu  Family Background
Boyapati Srinu  Favorite Junk Food : Np
Boyapati Srinu  ties color : White
Boyapati Srinu  Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Boyapati Srinu  Favorite bike : Np