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Raghu Kunche Biography DoB Age Movies Family Profile Height ,Hi friends This Day I have Debutante Solid Music Director name Raghu Kunche Fullness Biography, Raghu Kunche is Tollywood Flick Music Director and playback Singer, and Actor and Dubbing Artist. Raghu Kunche Was Born in East Godavari.
Raghu Kunche Biodata
Raghu Kunche Place of birth is Andhra Pradesh India, Raghu Kunche Date of birth 1975 June 13, Raghu Kunche Birth Place is East Godavari.
Coming to Raghu Kunche Educational Background. Raghu Kunche is Studied in Govt high School in Korukonda, and even he studied  in Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Science .
Raghu Kunche Biography
Raghu Kunche Real Name: Raghu Kunche
Raghu Kunche Full Name : Sujatha
Raghu Kunche tiny Name : Chhavi
Raghu Kunche Body Color : White
Raghu Kunche Legs color : white
Raghu Kunche Height: 5’7 m
Raghu Kunche Bio-data
Raghu Kunche Date Of Birth: Friday, June 13, 1975
Raghu Kunche legs Color : Milk White
Raghu Kunche Hair Color : Solid Black
Raghu Kunche Mouth Color: White
Raghu Kunche Range : Super
Raghu Kunche age : 43
Raghu Kunche Profile
Raghu Kunche Place of birth : East Godavari
Raghu Kunche State : Ap
Raghu Kunche Affair: Np
Raghu Kunche Qualification
Raghu Kunche Birth Place : East Godavari
Raghu Kunche All Movies : Available in Youtube
Raghu Kunche Marriage: Yes
Raghu Kunche Affair : Np
Raghu Kunche Siblings: Yes
Raghu Kunche Favorite
Raghu Kunche Favorite Book: NP
Raghu Kunche Favorite Sports: Np
Raghu Kunche Career
Raghu Kunche Favorite Place: Np
Raghu Kunche Favorite Country : India
Raghu Kunche Favorite Tourist Place: Np
Raghu Kunche Favorite Website : Np
Raghu Kunche Weight : 55
Raghu Kunche Home Town :Np
Raghu Kunche wife name : Np
Raghu Kunche Home Address : Np
Raghu Kunche Family Background
Raghu Kunche Favorite Junk Food : Np
Raghu Kunche ties color: White
Raghu Kunche Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Raghu Kunche Favorite bike : Np



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Jayasudha Biography Profile DoB Age Family Biodata Movies Education . Hello Friends today Our Tollywood Best Solid Actress name is Jayasudha Kapoor, Jayasudha Kapoor Was born in Tamil Nadu Chennai, India, and Jayasudha date of birth is 17/12/1958 that day Tollywood Big Special Day Friends.


Actually Jayasudha Kapoor Birth name is and Real Name is Sujatha and her full name is Jayasudha Kapoor. She is South Indian Flick actor in Tollywood Star Industry.


And Jayasudha Kapoor Present Age is 59 Years Only , Jayasudha Family Members fluently speaking in Telugu Version. Coming to Jayasudha Family Background is her Husband name is Nithin Kapoor Jayasudha Children’s Names is Nihar and Sreyanth .


Coming to Jayasudha Educational Qualification is Graduation and Every time she is Class First rank. Now she is Acting Hyper and So many Flicks in Telugu Version Languages. She is even Mla For the Secunderabad Junction Area in 2009.


Jayasudha Works in Indian Tollywood industry. Jayasudha Acted varying Versions in like Tamil and Telugu, hindi kannada and Malayalam Versions.


Coming to Jayasudha Debutante Flick Name is Pandanti Kapuram; she works in every time is successfully in telugu and Tamil industry.



Jayasudha Debutante Flick Name is Pandanti Kapuram this Flick Released in 1972 in Telugu Version, this flick is Very hyper flick in Tollywood industry in year of the 1972.


pandanti kapuram movie is Nice Love story and this movie directed by the lakshmi Deepak and producer by the hanumanth rao , pandanti kapuram flick is high budget and collection Was received in So much Amount in 1972.


Jayasudha Was Received Hyper Flick Fare Awards in best actress in Tollywood industry.


And Coming to Jayasudha Second Flick name is Sri Tripathi Venkateswara Kalyanam this movie is Complete god flick, and this flick is Directed by N.T Rama Rao and Produced by N.T Rama Rao and this Sri Tirupati Venkateswara Kalyanam  Movie Jayasudha Acting is Very Charming.


Jayasudha Biography
Jayasudha Real Name: Jayasudha
Jayasudha Full Name : Sujatha
Jayasudha tiny Name : Jaya
Jayasudha Body Color : White
Jayasudha Legs color : white
Jayasudha Height: 5’7 m
Jayasudha Bio-data
Jayasudha Date Of Birth: 17 December 1958
Jayasudha legs Color : Milk White
Jayasudha Hair Color : Solid Black
Jayasudha Mouth Color: White
Jayasudha Range : Super
Jayasudha age : 59
Jayasudha Profile
Jayasudha Place of birth : Chennai
Jayasudha State : Tamil Nadu
Jayasudha Affair: Np
Jayasudha Qualification
Jayasudha Birth Place : Chennai
Jayasudha All Movies : Available in Youtube
Jayasudha Marriage: Yes
Jayasudha Affair : Np
Jayasudha Siblings: Yes
Jayasudha Favorite
Jayasudha Favorite Book: NP
Jayasudha Favorite Sports: Np
Jayasudha Career
Jayasudha Favorite Place: Np
Jayasudha Favorite Country : Np
Jayasudha Favorite Tourist Place: Np
Jayasudha Favorite Website : Np
Jayasudha Weight : 55
Jayasudha Home Town :Np
Jayasudha Bra Size : Np
Jayasudha Home Address : Np
Jayasudha Family Background
Jayasudha Favorite Junk Food : Np
Jayasudha ties color: White
Jayasudha Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Jayasudha Favorite bike : Np


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Gayatri Jayaraman Biography Profile Age DoB Height Family Career, Hi Youngsters this Girls Special Day, this day i have debutante info about Our Charming girl name is Gayatri Jayaraman complete biography updated by freecenter, and she  is an Indian flick  actress, who has appeared in prominent Tamil, Telugu Malayalam versions language flicks. Born: 27 September 1984 , Mumbai

Spouse: Samit Sawhny (m. 2007)
Education: Adarsh Vidyalaya Higher Secondary School
Parents: Jayaraman, Chitra Jayaraman Name – Gayatri Jayaraman
Nick Name – Gayatree, G-3
Gayatri Jayaraman Born Place – Mumbai, India
Gayatri Jayaraman Occupation – Actress / Model
Gayatri Jayaraman Nationality – Indian
Gayatri Jayaraman Religion – Hindu
Gayatri Jayaraman Hair Color – Black
Gayatri Jayaraman Eye Color – Black
Gayatri Jayaraman Debut Movie Azhukku Veshti . She has is studying physiotherapy at SRM College near Chennai. Her mother is the main inspiration and the driving force that has motivated her into exploring modeling- She is all praise for her mother who is the driving force behind her successes.
A real ” Beauty with Brains” . She even have won the “Miss Tamil Nadu” and “Miss South India”. She had formerly a VJ for Fanta “Illimai Pudhumai” on SunTV and “Telephone Manipol” on Vijay TV. One of her missions is to help the destitute and perform social service by volunteering with various social service organizations in India and she believes that she will be able to use her knowledge of .In May 2007 she married Samit Sawhny.
Grandmaster (Vijay TV)
Super Kudumbam (Sun TV)
Nandini (Sun TV)
Gayatri Jayaraman Biography
Gayatri Jayaraman Real Name: Gayatri Jayaraman
Gayatri Jayaraman tiny Name : Gayatri
Gayatri Jayaraman Body Color : White
Gayatri Jayaraman Legs color : white
Gayatri Jayaraman Height: 5’7 m
Gayatri Jayaraman Bio-data
Gayatri Jayaraman legs Color : Milk White
Gayatri Jayaraman Hair Color : Solid Black
Gayatri Jayaraman Mouth Color: White
Gayatri Jayaraman Range : Super
Gayatri Jayaraman age : Np
Gayatri Jayaraman Profile
Gayatri Jayaraman Date Of Birth : Np
Gayatri Jayaraman Affair : Np
Gayatri Jayaraman Qualification
Gayatri Jayaraman Marriage: Yes
Gayatri Jayaraman Affair : Np
Gayatri Jayaraman Siblings : NP
Gayatri Jayaraman Favorite
Gayatri Jayaraman Favorite Book: NP
Gayatri Jayaraman Favorite Sports : Np
Gayatri Jayaraman Favorite Place: Np
Gayatri Jayaraman Favorite Country : Np
Gayatri Jayaraman Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Gayatri Jayaraman Favorite Website : Np
Gayatri Jayaraman Weight : 55
Gayatri Jayaraman Home Town :Np
Gayatri Jayaraman Bra Size : Np
Gayatri Jayaraman Home Address : Np
Gayatri Jayaraman Family Background
Gayatri Jayaraman Favorite Junk Food : Np
Gayatri Jayaraman ties color: White
Gayatri Jayaraman hospital name : np
Gayatri Jayaraman Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Gayatri Jayaraman Favorite bike : Np
 Gayatri Jayaraman Is flick Acting is Very Amazing in Tollywood Industry Styles , and she was Studied In Graduation.
Gayatri Jayaraman Drink Alcohol talking : No.

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Allu Ayaan Biography Biodata age Profile DoB Family Movies Height Hi Youngsters Today We had updated about Stylish Actor Allu Arjun Son Ayaan Allu Complete Biography.


Coming to Ayaan Allu Biography,  he was born in November 2016 Date 21, and Ayaan Allu is the son of Largish Tollywood Handsome Stylish Actor name is Allu Arjun and Sneha Reddy , he has a Smiley little sister Arha, Ayaan Allu Place of birth is Hyderabad.


Coming to Ayaan Allu Family Background Ayaan Father Name is Allu Arjun and he is Tollywood Big star and mother name is Sneha Reddy.


Coming to Grand Father Name is Allu Aravind is Fantastic Brilliant Producer and Distributor in Our thumping Tollywood industry. Ayaan Allu Present Age is Only 2 Years. Ayaan Allu Date of birth is April 04 th that day is Very heightened day.


Allu Ayaan Present age 6 Months only, and Allu Arjun is hyper character in Tollywood industry Allu Ayaan is smiley is very nice.

Allu Ayaan Not Started in Film industry and he is presently age is only 6 months.



Allu Ayaan Biography

Allu Ayaan Real Name: Allu Ayaan


Allu Ayaan tiny Name: Allu Ayaan


Allu Ayaan Legs color: white


Allu Ayaan Height: Np


Allu Ayaan Face Color: Milk White


Allu Ayaan Bio-data


Allu Ayaan legs Color: Milk White


Allu Ayaan Hair Color: Solid Black


Allu Ayaan Mouth Color: White


Allu Ayaan Range: Super


Allu Ayaan Grand Father Name: Allu Aravind


Allu Ayaan age: Np


Allu Ayaan Profile


Allu Ayaan Date Of Birth: 04 April 2014


Allu Ayaan Qualification: NP


Allu Ayaan Marriage: No


Allu Ayaan Favorite


Allu Ayaan Favorite Book: NP


Allu Ayaan Favorite Sports: Np


Allu Ayaan Favorite Website: Np


Allu Ayaan First Movie Name : Np


Allu Ayaan Weight: Np


Allu Ayaan Home Town: Hyd


Allu Ayaan Home Address: Hyd


Allu Ayaan Family Background


Allu Ayaan Favorite Junk Food: Np


Allu Ayaan ties color: White


Allu Ayaan Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career


Allu Ayaan Favorite bike: Np


Allu Ayaan Father Name: Allu Arjun


Allu Ayaan Mother Name: Sneha Reddy


Allu Ayaan DOB: April


Allu Ayaan Present Age: 6 Months


Allu Ayaan Website Name: Np


Allu Ayaan Date of Birth: 2016


Allu Ayaan Fingers Color: White


Allu Ayaan Home town: Hyderabad Telangana


Allu Ayaan Nationality: Indian


Allu Ayaan Biography Biodata age Profile Dob Family Movies Height


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Sneha Biography Biodata Age DoB Profile Height Family BRA SIZE Sneha her real name is Suhasini Rajaram Naidu, she is an largish Indian flick actress, she works in the world South Indian flick industry.

Coming to Sneha family  a two Children’s names is Prasanna and  Vihaan, her did the many flicks form that slightly is Sangaathiye, Sainath Sai Bhajan’s, Sharanu Shri Vinayaka, Moksha she had got the brunch Awards: Nandi Special Jury Award, Vijay Award for Best Actress, Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress Tamil sneha did the marriage in the 11 May 2012. her Pet Names: Suha, Kutti, Ammu. she is born in the October 12, 1981.
Birth place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Sneha Height: 5’5
Sneha Profession: Actress, Model
Sneha Family Back Ground
Sneha Father’s Name: Rajaram
Sneha Mother’s Name: Padmavathy
Sneha Brothers: Balaji, Govind



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Upasana Kamineni Biography DoB Biodata Age Family Profile Height

Upasana Kamineni Konidela was born to Mr. Anil and Shobana Kamineni, and Upasana was born on May 4, 1988 her siblings are Anushpala Kamineni, Puansh Kamineni and grandparents  Prathap C. Reddy who are into the large business of Health Care.
Coming to Upasana Education Background is her Finished has  graduation from London Regents College.
 She has wholelly devoted herself towards healthcare industry. She also handles Lifetime Wellness Rx International Limited, Apollo Group of Hospitals.
 Upasana Kamineni is the wife of biggest Indian Tollywood  flick actor Ram Charan Teja.  He works in all Telugu Version flicks and is popularly known as Mega Power Star of Telugu Cinema.  Upasana is a Telangana Biggest business-woman, who is the chief editor of B Positive magazine, which was initiated by Apollo Hospitals Group.
 She became Vice President of the Apollo Charity & Editor of B Positive magazine, Lifetime Wellness International Limited. From the age of 15, she began a service to recycle books and notebooks that were distributed amid poor children.  She is even a great Philanthropist and also takes care of animals.
Upasana Biography
Upasana Real Name: Upasana
Upasana tiny Name : Upasana
Upasana Body Color : White
Upasana Legs color : white
Upasana Height: 5’7 m
Upasana Bio-data
Upasana legs Color : Milk White
Upasana Hair Color : Solid Black
Upasana Mouth Color: White
Upasana Range : Super
Upasana age : Np
Upasana Profile
Upasana Date Of Birth : Np
Upasana Affair : Np
Upasana Qualification
Upasana Marriage: Yes
Upasana Affair : Np
Upasana Siblings : NP
Upasana Favorite
Upasana Favorite Book: NP
Upasana Favorite Sports : Np
Upasana Favorite Place: Np
Upasana Favorite Country : Np
Upasana Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Upasana Favorite Website : Np
Upasana Weight : 55
Upasana Home Town : Hyd
Upasana Bra Size : Np
Upasana Home Address : Np
Upasana Family Background
Upasana Favorite Junk Food : Np
Upasana ties color: White
Upasana hospital name : np
Upasana Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Upasana Favorite bike : Np
 Upasana Is flick Acting is Very Amazing in Tollywood Industry Styles , and she was Studied In Graduation.
Upasana Drink Alcohol talking : No.


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Abhinaya Krishna Biography Profile DoB Age Siblings Career , Abhinaya Krishna is a Telugu flick actor and he has been working slightly years in Telugu Version Tollywood industry. His real name is Hari Krishna, but he went on to change his name because of Dr. C. Narayana Reddy’s suggestion. asking to him have a name that reflects his solid talent.

Abhinaya Krishna Biography
Abhinaya Krishna Real Name: Abhinaya Krishna
Abhinaya Krishna tiny Name : Abhinaya
Abhinaya Krishna Body Color : White
Abhinaya Krishna Legs color : white
Abhinaya Krishna Height: 5’9
Abhinaya Krishna Bio-data
Abhinaya Krishna legs Color : Milk White
Abhinaya Krishna Hair Color : Solid Black
Abhinaya Krishna Mouth Color: White
Abhinaya Krishna Range : Super
Abhinaya Krishna age: Np
Abhinaya Krishna Profile
Abhinaya Krishna Date Of Birth : Np
Abhinaya Krishna Affair : Np
Abhinaya Krishna Qualification
Abhinaya Krishna Marriage: Yes
Abhinaya Krishna Affair : Np
Abhinaya Krishna Profile :
Abhinaya Krishna Siblings: NP
Abhinaya Krishna Favorite
Abhinaya Krishna Favorite Book: NP
Abhinaya Krishna Favorite Sports : Np
Abhinaya Krishna Favorite Place: Np
Abhinaya Krishna Favorite Country : Np
Abhinaya Krishna Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Abhinaya Krishna Favorite Website : Np
Abhinaya Krishna Weight: 66
Abhinaya Krishna Home Town : Chennai
Abhinaya Krishna Home Address : Chennai Tm
Abhinaya Krishna Family Background
Abhinaya Krishna Father Name : Np
Abhinaya Krishna Mother Name : Np
Abhinaya Krishna Childrens Names : Np
Abhinaya Krishna Sister Name : Np
Abhinaya Krishna Cousin Name : Np
Abhinaya Krishna Best Friends Names : Np
Abhinaya Krishna close friend : Np
Abhinaya Krishna Best Actor Name : Np
Abhinaya Krishna Best Actress Name : Np
Abhinaya Krishna favorite Anchor Name  :  Np
Abhinaya Krishna Star Sign : Np
Abhinaya Krishna place of Birth : Telangana
Abhinaya Krishna Favourite Country : India
Abhinaya Krishna Favourite Flick Name : Np
Abhinaya Krishna Favorite Junk Food : Np
Abhinaya Krishna ties color: White
abhinay krishna jabardasth : Yes
Abhinaya Krishna Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Abhinaya Krishna Favorite bike : Np


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Prashanth Thyagarajan Biography Biodata Age DoB Family Profile. Prashanth Thyagarajan he is a Actor and he was  born on  6 April 1973 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India is an Indian flick actor who appeared in several Tamil films, as well as a few Tel The actor suffered a setback in the mid 2000s.

Prashanth Thyagarajan Biography
Prashanth Thyagarajan Real Name: Prashanth Thyagarajan
Prashanth Thyagarajan tiny Name : Madivada
Prashanth Thyagarajan Body Color : White
Prashanth Thyagarajan Legs color : white
Prashanth Thyagarajan Height: 5’9
Prashanth Thyagarajan Bio-data
Prashanth Thyagarajan legs Color : Milk White
Prashanth Thyagarajan Hair Color : Solid Black
Prashanth Thyagarajan Mouth Color: White
Prashanth Thyagarajan Range : Super
Prashanth Thyagarajan age: 45
Prashanth Thyagarajan Profile
Prashanth Thyagarajan Date Of Birth : April 1973
Prashanth Thyagarajan Affair : Np
Prashanth Thyagarajan Qualification
Prashanth Thyagarajan Marriage: Yes
Prashanth Thyagarajan Affair : Np
Prashanth Thyagarajan Siblings: NP
Prashanth Thyagarajan Favorite
Prashanth Thyagarajan Favorite Book: NP
Prashanth Thyagarajan Favorite Sports : Swimming
Prashanth Thyagarajan Favorite Place: Np
Prashanth Thyagarajan Favorite Country : Np
Prashanth Thyagarajan Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Prashanth Thyagarajan Favorite Website : Np
Prashanth Thyagarajan Weight: 66
Prashanth Thyagarajan Home Town : Chennai
Prashanth Thyagarajan Home Address : Chennai Tm
Prashanth Thyagarajan Family Background
Prashanth Thyagarajan Favorite Junk Food : Np
Prashanth Thyagarajan ties color: White
Prashanth Thyagarajan Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Prashanth Thyagarajan Favorite bike : Np


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Tejaswi Madivada Biography Biodata Age Height DoB Profile Family

Hi Celebrities My Name is Sandhya I have Newly Debutante Info About Our Charming Girl name is Tejaswi Madivada Complete Biography.
Coming to Tejaswi Madivada Fullness Profile We have Telling you Tejaswi Madivada Was born in Hyderabad Telangana, and Who Works in Biggest South Indian Flick Industry. Tejaswi Madivada Place of birth is Hyderabad, Tejaswi Madivada Date of birth is July 3 1991, and Coming to her Education Background Tejaswi Madivada Was studied in B.A Mass Communication , her occupation is Actress and Fashion Model ,
Tejaswi Madivada Debutante Flick name is Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu this flick is Very Fabulous in this flick Starring in Mahesh Babu and Venkatesh the Both are acting is Very Super and This Flick Got a good Received in Tollywood Industry This Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu is Complete Family Entertainer Movie in 2013 Year.
Coming To Tejaswi Madivada Family Background her father is Largish Businessman  in Hyderabad, Tejaswi Madivada Has a Acted in Hyper Telugu Flicks , she is talking in Fluently in telugu Language and Tejaswi Madivada Was worked in Part time in Freelance Dance in Mncs Companies. Tejaswi Madivada height is 5’6 and Tejaswi Madivada Weight is 57, and Zodiac Sign is: Cancer, present Tejaswi Madivada Age is 28, and she acting is very Super in Tollywood industry.
Tejaswi Madivada Biography
Tejaswi Madivada Real Name: Tejaswi Madivada
Tejaswi Madivada tiny Name : Madivada
Tejaswi Madivada Body Color : White
Tejaswi Madivada Legs color : white
Tejaswi Madivada Height: 1.7 m
Tejaswi Madivada Bio-data
Tejaswi Madivada legs Color : Milk White
Tejaswi Madivada Hair Color : Solid Black
Tejaswi Madivada Mouth Color: White
Tejaswi Madivada Range : Super
Tejaswi Madivada age : 28
Tejaswi Madivada Profile
Tejaswi Madivada Date Of Birth : 3 July 1991
Tejaswi Madivada Affair : Np
Tejaswi Madivada Qualification
Tejaswi Madivada Marriage: Yes
Tejaswi Madivada Affair : Np
Tejaswi Madivada Siblings : NP
Tejaswi Madivada Favorite
Tejaswi Madivada Favorite Book: NP
Tejaswi Madivada Favorite Sports : Swimming
Tejaswi Madivada Favorite Place: Np
Tejaswi Madivada Favorite Country : Np
Tejaswi Madivada Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Tejaswi Madivada Favorite Website : Np
Tejaswi Madivada Weight : 55
Tejaswi Madivada Home Town : Hyd
Tejaswi Madivada Home Address : Np
Tejaswi Madivada Family Background
Tejaswi Madivada Favorite Junk Food : Np
Tejaswi Madivada ties color: White
Tejaswi Madivada Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Tejaswi Madivada Favorite bike : Np
 Tejaswi Madivada Is flick Acting is Very Amazing in Tollywood Industry Styles , and she was Studied In Graduation.
Tejaswi Madivada Drink Alcohol talking : No.



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Manikanta Sunny Biography Biodata Profile DoB Family Career

Manikanta Sunny  Works at Movie Artists he was born in the 3 December. he know that Languages is American English Telugu Hindi Tamil he  Studied B.Tech student at crv institute of technology and science, shamirpet, ranga reddy. his nickname is Went to ramakrishna public school Lives in Hyderabad, India From Hyderabad.
His  Father name is R srg Rao he has Studied at Andhra Polytechnic, Kakinada FAVOURITE QUOTES Bare pain and share gain.and he did the movie called
Inkenti Nuvve Cheppu it is the flicks is a directed by Sivasri  Malla Vijaya Prasad Music Director  , Vikas Kurimella Flick Starring Prashanth Boddeti , Sandeep, Prasanna, Akshitha are the Main lead roles. Suman, Hema are acting Interesting.
The first schedule was shot between Feb 10 and March 9.  The current schedule is being filmed in Vizag.  By April 14, the shooting will be completed.
Manikanta Sunny Biography
Manikanta Sunny Real Name: Manikanta Sunny
Manikanta Sunny tiny Name : Np
Manikanta Sunny Body Color : White
Manikanta Sunny Height : 1.7 m
Manikanta Sunny Bio-data
Manikanta Sunny Hair Color : Black
Manikanta Sunny Mouth Color: White
Manikanta Sunny Range : Super
Manikanta Sunny Wife name : Np
Manikanta Sunny age : Np
Manikanta Sunny Date Of Birth : Np
Manikanta Sunny Affair : Np
Manikanta Sunny Qualification
Manikanta Sunny Marriage: Yes
Manikanta Sunny Affair : Np
Manikanta Sunny Favorite
Manikanta Sunny Favorite Book: NP
Manikanta Sunny Favorite Place: Np
Manikanta Sunny Favorite Country : Np
Manikanta Sunny Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Manikanta Sunny Favorite Website : Np
Manikanta Sunny Weight : 60
Manikanta Sunny Home Town : Kanpur
Manikanta Sunny Home Address : Np
Manikanta Sunny Family Background
Manikanta Sunny Favorite Junk Food : Np
Manikanta Sunny ties color: White
Manikanta Sunny Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Manikanta Sunny Favorite bike : Np
Manikanta Sunny Face book Id : No
Manikanta Sunny Twitter Ac Id : Np
Manikanta Sunny Website Name : Np




samsung c9 pro price in india, samsung c9 pro full specification Features samsung c9 features,

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Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Specifications Features Price  , Hi Friends Smart Phone Users Today We had Newly Debutante Info About Combo Smart...