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priya himesh biography
priya himesh biography

Priya Himesh Biography Biodata Profile Date of Birth Age Height Family

Priya Himesh she is a playback singer she sung in  the all language of south she is singer of feature films. she was born in the year of 1982 february 10. at  the  place of Chennai, india. Her skin color is  Wheatish Her Hair color Black  her  Eye color Black her  Nationality Indian she is a Hindu her Height is 5’4”feet her  Birth Sign Aquarius her Occupation Playback singer she is active form in the year of 2006.  She is live in Chennai. Priya Himesh is an Indian chipped multilingual Playback singer for the feature flicks. She has sings principally all versions like  in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Odia flicks.
Her Albums are Nandhanam and she has got Solid Awards form the flick fare Award for Glorious Female playback singer the language of Telugu.
 She sang a song called Rangu rabba rabba in the film called Rakhi in the language of Telugu, for this song music director is Devi sri Prasad, and any there song is she sung in the language of Kannada on the flicks of Mungaru Male song is Ondhe Ondhu saari. And she did the work with the legend music director A.R Rahaman he did a movie called Guru in that Priya Himesh sung a song called Ondhe ondhe saari.
That song is in the language of Kannada. She did with music director Devi sri Prasad  In the movie called King in that Priya Himesh sung a song is Ato Z in that movie only she sang  two songs another one is Yenthapani Chestiviro.
It is also in that movie only. with the devi sri prasad she did lot of song n that one song Is  Ringa Ringa for that song she got a filmfare Awards south. she mostly sing for the Item songs. In the telugu she sang lot of Item songs .
Priya Himesh   Biography
Priya Himesh   Real Name  Priya Himesh:
Priya Himesh   tiny Name : Priya
Priya Himesh   Bio-data
Priya Himesh   legs Color : White
Priya Himesh   Hair Color : Black
Priya Himesh   Mouth Color: White
Priya Himesh   Range : Super
Priya Himesh   age :
Priya Himesh   Date Of Birth : Np
Priya Himesh   Father Name :Np
Priya Himesh   Mother Name : Np
Priya Himesh   Affair : Np
Priya Himesh   Qualification
Priya Himesh   Marriage Photos : Np
Priya Himesh   Education : Np
Priya Himesh Profile
Priya Himesh   Favorite Place: Np
Priya Himesh   Favorite Country : Np
Priya Himesh   Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Priya Himesh   Favorite Website : Np
Priya Himesh   Weight : 63
Priya Himesh   Home Town : Ap
Priya Himesh   Home Address :
Priya Himesh   Family Background
Priya Himesh   Favorite Junk Food : Np


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Rahul Dholakia is an World Indian flick director-producer,  massive known for his National Flick Award winning film, Parzania, prior to which he even made documentaries like Teenage Parents and New York Taxi Drivers.
Impending movie: Raees Rahul Dholakia Family Back ground  his mother name is Parry Dholakia, and father name is  Raksha Dholakia. Rahul  has an elder sister Moha Dholakia he is  Born in  Mumbai, India he is a  Flick director, producer, screenwriter and Rahul Education Qualification is his finished by his schooling from  Campion School, Mumbai and Jamnabai Narsee School in Mumbai.
He is in  Lives in Mumbai, India in the year of 2006 he got the  National Film Award for Best Direction  Parzania he did the  Writer for the films they are   2017 Raees (completed)  ,  he got the awards that are for the film of Parzania in the year of 2007 this film his did the Director and even as a Producer and even Wrote and for this film  he got the Award that  National Flick Award for solid Direction and for the flick of Mumbai Cutting in the year of  2008 for this flick and  he did the Director and Writer and for that segment “Bombay Mumbai Same Shit,  Raees Releasing on 25th January 2017.
Rahul Dholakia Biography
Rahul Dholakia Real Name  : Rahul Dholakia
Rahul Dholakia tiny Name : Np
Rahul Dholakia Bio-data
Rahul Dholakia Mouth Color: White
Rahul Dholakia Range : Super
Rahul Dholakia age : 29
Rahul Dholakia Date Of Birth : June
Rahul Dholakia Father Name :Np
Rahul Dholakia Mother Name: Np
Rahul Dholakia Affair : Np
Rahul Dholakia Qualification
Rahul Dholakia Marriage Photos : Np
Rahul Dholakia Favorite Book: NP
Rahul Dholakia Favorite Place: Np
Rahul Dholakia Favorite Country : Np
Rahul Dholakia Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Rahul Dholakia Favorite Website : Np
Rahul Dholakia Weight : 63
Rahul Dholakia Home Town : Ap
Rahul Dholakia Home Address :
Rahul Dholakia Family Background
Rahul Dholakia Favorite Junk Food : Np
Rahul Dholakia ties color : White
Rahul Dholakia Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Rahul Dholakia Favorite bike : Np


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she is  a great Actress, Model her debutante flicks Miss Madras (Tamil) Known For Senthamizh  Pattu,  Amaidhi Padai,Indian Home Town Chennai , she married with  Ravikumar Date of Marriage she had a Children there names are Shobini , Sankalp Kasthuri is an Indian flick actress, passion and TV gig anchor
Kasthuri first flick  in the Tamil flick Aatha Un Koyiley in 1991.
 Paatu alongside Prabhu Ganesan in 1992. she did the several flicks form that are recently 1992 Aatha Un Kovilile Kasturi Tamil Chinnavar Meena.
Kasthuri she is born in the  01/05/1974 Complexion Wheatish Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu
Height 5’8”
Birth Sign Taurus
Kasthuri Biography
Kasthuri Real Name  : Kasthuri
Kasthuri tiny Name : Np
Kasthuri Body Color : White
Kasthuri Legs color : white
Kasthuri Bio-data
Kasthuri legs Color : White
Kasthuri Hair Color : Black
Kasthuri Mouth Color: White
Kasthuri Range : Super
Kasthuri age : 56
Kasthuri Date Of Birth : 01/05/1974
Kasthuri Father Name :Np
Kasthuri Mother Name : Np
Kasthuri Affair : Np
Kasthuri Qualification
Kasthuri Marriage Photos : Np
Kasthuri Education : Np
Kasthuri Marriage Photos :Np
Kasthuri First flick Name :
Kasthuri Affair : Np
Kasthuri Favorite
Kasthuri Favorite Book: NP
Kasthuri Favorite Place: Np
Kasthuri Favorite Country : Np
Kasthuri Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Kasthuri Favorite Website : Np
Kasthuri Weight : 57
Kasthuri Home Town : Ap
Kasthuri Home Address : Chennai
Kasthuri Family Background
Kasthuri Favorite Junk Food : Np
Kasthuri ties color : White
Kasthuri Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Kasthuri Favorite bike : Np



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Hi Friends Ya Coming to Sreekar Prasad Biography, Akkineni Sreekar Prasad,his  known as Sreekar Prasad, he is a Flick editor and he has got National Award-winning Flick editing professional, known for  his works in Indian cinema. He works in at  slightly languages that are Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and English films.

He  was Born in 8 Jan 1952, in the State of Tamil nadu  Chennai Education University of Madras Children: Akshay Akkineni he had a brother his name is L. V. Prasad his  Telugu film doyen
Father name is  Akkineni Sanjeevi(film editor) his Uncle Ramesh Prasad Star Sign Capricorn his  First Film Raakh.
Sreekar Prasad was even recognized for his editing works in slightly successful films in various languages such as Yodha in 1992, Nirnayam, Vaanaprastham in 1999, Alaipayuthey in 2000, Kannathil Muthamittal in 2002, Okkadu in 2003.
Sreekar Prasad Biography
Sreekar Prasad Real Name : Sreekar Prasad
Sreekar Prasad tiny Name : Np
Sreekar Prasad Body Color : White
Sreekar Prasad Legs color : white
Sreekar Prasad Bio-data
Sreekar Prasad legs Color : White
Sreekar Prasad Hair Color : Black
Sreekar Prasad Mouth Color: White
Sreekar Prasad Range : Super
Sreekar Prasad age : 61
Sreekar Prasad Date Of Birth : 8 Jan 1952,
Sreekar Prasad Father Name :Np
Sreekar Prasad Mother Name : Np
Sreekar Prasad Affair : Np
Sreekar Prasad Qualification
Sreekar Prasad Marriage Photos : Np
Sreekar Prasad Education : Np
Sreekar Prasad Marriage Photos :Np
Sreekar Prasad First flick Name :
Sreekar Prasad Affair : Np
Sreekar Prasad Favorite
Sreekar Prasad Favorite Book: NP
Sreekar Prasad Favorite Place: Np
Sreekar Prasad Favorite Country : Np
Sreekar Prasad Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Sreekar Prasad Favorite Website : Np
Sreekar Prasad Weight : 63
Sreekar Prasad Home Town : Ap
Sreekar Prasad Home Address :
Sreekar Prasad Family Background
Sreekar Prasad Favorite Junk Food : Np
Sreekar Prasad ties color : White
Sreekar Prasad Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Sreekar Prasad Favorite bike : Np
 Sreekar Prasad Career

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Hi friends today i have updated Tollywood actor name is Madhu Balakrishnan,  he was  born in 24/June/1974, Madhu Balakrishnan place of birth is Cochin, Kerala, India. His mother name is  M. Leelavathy, and his father name is  C. Purushothaman his mother is a famed  is a Malayalam writer, literary critic, and educationist. M. Leelavathy he got fantastic india one of the  award  she got the  Padma Shri Award for her contribution to the Malayalam literature and education.
His skin color is Fair his Hair color Black his Eye color Black. he is an Indian. he is a Hindu. he studied in the College of  Academy of Indian Music and Arts, in  Chennai, india.  his Height is 5’7”. his Birth Sign Leo  he is a prominent Playback Singer. his Debut movie Thee  in the language of Tamil.
His popular for the  movies are Chandramuki, Ji, Naan Kadavul his from Cochin he married with Viditha  he had a  two sons Mahaadev Balakrishnan, Madhav Balakrishnan. he had one brother his name is Sree Kumar.
His Albums are Mookambika in the year of 2006 and Sankaradhyanam in the year of 2005 and another one is Sree Ramanam Devadaevan in the year of 2007 and another one is Thrimadhuram in the year of 2006. And Sivadam in ther  year of 2004 and  another one is Aravana in the year of 2009. And another one is Odakkuzhal and in the year of the 2012. And another one is Nirmalayam in the year of 2009.

Madhu Balakrishnan   Biography
Madhu Balakrishnan   Real Name  Madhu Balakrishnan:
Madhu Balakrishnan   tiny Name : Np
Madhu Balakrishnan   Bio-data
Madhu Balakrishnan   legs Color : White
Madhu Balakrishnan   Hair Color : Black
Madhu Balakrishnan   Mouth Color: White
Madhu Balakrishnan   Range : Super
Madhu Balakrishnan   age : 40
Madhu Balakrishnan   Date Of Birth : 1974
Madhu Balakrishnan   Father Name :Np
Madhu Balakrishnan   Mother Name : Np
Madhu Balakrishnan   Affair : Np
Madhu Balakrishnan   Qualification
Madhu Balakrishnan   Marriage Photos : Np
Madhu Balakrishnan   Education : Np
Madhu Balakrishnan Profile
Madhu Balakrishnan   Favorite Place: Np
Madhu Balakrishnan   Favorite Country : Np
Madhu Balakrishnan   Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Madhu Balakrishnan   Favorite Website : Np
Madhu Balakrishnan   Weight : 63
Madhu Balakrishnan   Home Town : Ap
Madhu Balakrishnan   Home Address :
Madhu Balakrishnan   Family Background
Madhu Balakrishnan   Favorite Junk Food : Np



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Hi Youngsters this day liking day friends today i have given to best celebrity name is Satya Krishnan , Satya krishna is an Indian actress, who has predominantly appeared in Telugu versions flicks. She had worked as a hotel management professional and entered the flick industry with the film Dollar Dreams he is Born in  Hyderabad, Telangana, India
his real name is  Satya Krishna he got the Awards Nandi Award for Best Supporting Actress.
Satya krishna   Biography
Satya krishna   Real Name : Sahithi
Satya krishna   tiny Name : Np
Satya krishna   Body Color : White
Satya krishna   Legs color : white
Satya Krishna   Bio-data
Satya krishna   legs Color : White
Satya krishna   Hair Color : Black
Satya krishna   Mouth Color: White
Satya krishna   Range : Super
Satya krishna   age : 29
Satya krishna   Date Of Birth : Np
Satya krishna   Father Name :Np
Satya krishna   Mother Name : Np
Satya krishna   Affair : Np
Satya krishna   Qualification
Satya krishna   Marriage Photos : Np
Satya krishna   Education : Np
Satya krishna   Marriage Photos :Np
Satya krishna   First flick Name :
Satya krishna   Affair : Np
Satya krishna   Favorite
Satya krishna   Favorite Book: NP
Satya krishna   Favorite Place: Np
Satya krishna   Favorite Country : Np
Satya krishna   Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Satya krishna   Favorite Website : Np
Satya krishna   Weight : 63
Satya krishna   Home Town : Hyd
Satya krishna   Home Address :
Satya krishna   Family Background
Satya krishna   Favorite Junk Food : Np
Satya krishna   ties color : White
Satya krishna   Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Satya krishna   Favorite bike : Np


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Hi Friends We have debutante singer info given to you friends. Coming to ​sahithi galidevara Biography ,Sahithi Galidevara was Born on 12 February 1987, native place is Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India.his Occupation was Singer. Sahiti G is a South Indian playback singer.
She had recorded slightly songs in Telugu and movies, albums Sahiti and her coming to Education is Btech,  However, singing is her passion and she wishes to pursue a career by leaving the IT firm. she recorded slightly songs in Telugu both in flicks and albums. Sahiti first learn the basics of carnatic music under her guardian Shri Tirupati Gopala Krishna.
Sahithi Galidevara   Biography
Sahithi Galidevara   Real Name : Sahithi
Sahithi Galidevara   tiny Name : Np
Sahithi Galidevara   Body Color : White
Sahithi Galidevara   Legs color : white
Sahithi Galidevara   Bio-data
Sahithi Galidevara   legs Color : White
Sahithi Galidevara   Hair Color : Black
Sahithi Galidevara   Mouth Color: White
Sahithi Galidevara   Range : Super
Sahithi Galidevara   age : 29
Sahithi Galidevara   Date Of Birth : Np
Sahithi Galidevara   Father Name :Np
Sahithi Galidevara   Mother Name : Np
Sahithi Galidevara   Affair : Np
Sahithi Galidevara   Qualification
Sahithi Galidevara   Marriage Photos : Np
Sahithi Galidevara   Education : Np
Sahithi Galidevara   Marriage Photos :Np
Sahithi Galidevara   First flick Name :
Sahithi Galidevara   Affair : Np
Sahithi Galidevara   Favorite
Sahithi Galidevara   Favorite Book: NP
Sahithi Galidevara   Favorite Place: Np
Sahithi Galidevara   Favorite Country : Np
Sahithi Galidevara   Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Sahithi Galidevara   Favorite Website : Np
Sahithi Galidevara   Weight : 57
Sahithi Galidevara   Home Town : india, Ap
Sahithi Galidevara   Home Address :
Sahithi Galidevara   Family Background
Sahithi Galidevara   Favorite Junk Food : Np
Sahithi Galidevara   ties color : White
Sahithi Galidevara   Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Sahithi Galidevara   Favorite bike : Np


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Pawan Sai  is a South Indian TV celebrity who works in prime time only. He was born in August, 1987. He home town is Hyderabad, India. his to gig at his school in stage gig and skits.
  He had started in serials in his education life only. he was 19 years old he’s been working with serials.
His Debutante serial was Happy Days. Afterwards he worked then and in Theeram serial in Mogali Rekulu serial. Mogali Rekulu was well-known serial which won awards for varying classifications.
This serial had finished  in 1376 episodes and began debutante series from an identical component named “ Sravana Sameeralu” and therefore Pawan worked in this series even in the exact same gig time with exactly the same cast in exactly the same location.
Pawan Sai had got engaged to Madhumathi and that marriage date is wed, 24th. He even occurred to play in films lately in artist characters and a modest parts.  Hisrecent film “Pure Love” is his intro is flick in which he plays the lead character of male protagonist.
He had accompanied with this picture as her debutante picture,with celebrity name is Krithika, new to business. He intends to work in the diamond screen while working in TV serials. He even has a participated in slightly TV gig like Bhale Chancele hosted by prominent anchorman Suma Kanakala, Cash game gig hosted by Suma Kanakala and Bangaru Kodi Petta gig hosted by Uday Bhanu.
 He has been giving cash for NGO’s in his place and has been part of charity services. He had got an hallowed answer for smartness and his daring established through TV gig “ One” which has three rounds of jobs which are suspense, horror and quiz.
He demonstrated substantial attempt and won the prize money that was righteous. He even participated as a dancer in solid occasions and in few gig as a celebrity judge. He’s even into modeling and has been working since the start of his career with commercial ads.
Pawan Sai   Biography
Pawan Sai   Real Name : Pawan Sai
Pawan Sai   tiny Name : Np
Pawan Sai   Body Color : White
Pawan Sai   Legs color : white
Pawan Sai   Bio-data
Pawan Sai   Range : Super
Pawan Sai   age : 29
Pawan Sai   Date Of Birth : Np
Pawan Sai   Father Name :Np
Pawan Sai   Mother Name : Np
Pawan Sai   Affair : Np
Pawan Sai   Qualification
Pawan Sai   Marriage Photos : Np
Pawan Sai   Education : Np
Pawan Sai   Favorite Place: Np
Pawan Sai   Favorite Country : Np
Pawan Sai   Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Pawan Sai   Favorite Website : Np
Pawan Sai   Weight : 63


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Hi Girls Today  Debutante info about Our Tollywood Comic Actress name is Rajitha , and Coming to Rajitha Biography, rajitha was born on in kakinada Andhra Pradesh , and presently she was unmarried , Coming to Rajitha Family Background her father name is T.Rama Rao he is the biggest person in kakinada side her mother name is Vijaya laxmi she is house wife.
Coming to Rajitha Place of birth is Kakinada andhra pradesh, her career started in  1987 her first flick name is Agni Putrudu movie in the year of the 1987, that flick is very hit of that year 1987, this flick got best award in tollywood industry.
Rajitha residence is a Cyberabad, Hyderabad. and her coming to Tongue is telugu, and she knows Hindi and English telugu also be , and she had read now intermediate note books friends.
Rajitha  Biography
Rajitha  Real Name : Rajitha
Rajitha  tiny Name : Np
Rajitha  Body Color : White
Rajitha  Legs color : white
Rajitha  Bio-data
Rajitha  legs Color : White
Rajitha  Hair Color : Black
Rajitha  Mouth Color: White
Rajitha  Range : Super
Rajitha  age : 29
Rajitha  Date Of Birth : 1987
Rajitha  Father Name : T.Rama Rao
Rajitha  Mother Name : Vajaya laxmi
Rajitha  Affair : Np
Rajitha  Qualification
Rajitha  Marriage Photos : Np
Rajitha  Education : Np
Rajitha  Marriage Photos :Np
Rajitha  First flick Name :
Rajitha  Affair : Np
Rajitha  Favorite
Rajitha  Favorite Book: NP
Rajitha  Favorite Place: Np
Rajitha  Favorite Country : Np
Rajitha  Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Rajitha  Favorite Website : Np
Rajitha  Weight : 59
Rajitha  Home Town : Ap
Rajitha  Home Address :
Rajitha  Family Background
Rajitha  Favorite Junk Food : Np
Rajitha  ties color : White
Rajitha  Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Rajitha  Favorite bike : Np



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Hi Friends today date 10/2/2017 this day Our Indian Telugu version industry latest debutante flick name is Om Namo Venkatesaya Full Movie Online watch, this movie is Very Biggest flick in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states side friends, and this movie om namo venkatesaya full movie online this movie director is K Raghavendra rao and produced by Mahesh Reddy, and this om namo venkatesaya full movie story complete Devotional and Biographical flick , this flick based on the life of Hathiram Bhavaji .
om namo venkatesaya movie online this tune composed by the Our Splendid his name is M,M Keeravani, om namo venkatesaya movie online this movie already released by before month December 2016.
Nagarjuna’s latest Movie is Om Namo Venkatesaya full movie watch online this movie is a Story is fullness God and Om Namo Venkatesaya full movie watch production by the AMR Sai Krupa, this flick songs is Very Charming it is First time this movie hyper budget , already this movie trailer was released by the in YouTube and public views also be very hyper.

Om Namo Venkatesaya Full Movie Online watch this movie language is telugu, nagarjuna om namo venkatesaya,  in this movie nagrjuna fabulous acting in this Om Namo Venkatesaya Movie Online.
nagarjuna Om Namo Venkatesaya full movie online watch free this movie actress name is Anushka Shetty and Pragya Jaiswal the both are acting in Very Charming.
Nagrjuna First god movie name is Annamaya flick this movie is very massive hit of the Tollywood industry,
Om Namo Venkatesaya full movie watch online free, this flick screenplay had done by the Raghavendra Rao itself, Om Namo Venkatesaya full movie watch online free movie released on world wide , Om Namo Venkatesaya full movie watch online free this movie starring by the Anushka Shetty, jaiswal, Jagapathi Babu.
nagarjuna Om Namo Venkatesaya full movie online watch already released on today 10/2/2017 and however the youth don’t gig much interest in talkies.
Om Namo Venkatesaya (2017) Telugu Full Length Movie Watch Online



priya himesh biography

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Priya Himesh Biography Biodata Profile Date of Birth Age Height Family Priya Himesh she is a playback singer she sung in  the all language of...