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Hi Sybase DBA Friends , I am Paul today Textual is latest info about how to check complete devices in Sybase DBA , it is updated by freecenter,
Devices complete syntax in below
 Actually Devices are  2 types in Sybase dba
1) file system
2) Raw device
Filesystem is actually this unsecurity disk and file system devices are 2 types 1) data device 2) log device .
Raw Device : Raw device is Security side , raw devices are 2 types
character raw device
black raw device.
Data Device is store the data and devices size are should be 8 or 16 or 32 or 64 it is GBs, it is always organization recommended this devices
Actually this sp_helpdevice command working as gig complete devices , but devices nothing but is is a storage the data
sp_helpdevice is a Report info about entirely Sybase Adaptive server database devices, and this syntax is sp_helpdevice and u can write command only small letters ok.
If you want single device in sybase dba u can write syntax is.
sp_helpdevice devicename
it will display the particular device name showing in full info
like device name -physical name description status device number low and high disk size

 how to create devices in Sybase Dba

How To Check Complete Devices in Sybase Dba | sp_helpdevice

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Hi Friends This is Tony, ya today we had newly topic , the topic name is Sybase dba.
I will tell you fully ness info about Sybase dba.
Sybase dba: Sybase is a Adapter server enterprises and it is a multi thread process system friends and actually this Sybase dba is computer Software Organization this developed by the sells database.
Actually Sybase dba was founded in  1984 California and Us  side , friends it is a actually started in first test program in 1986 and Sybase dba 1987 formally released the Sybase system afterwards this  entry the  first  gigantic  performance in Rdbms online application.
Rdbms Meaning: Relational Data Base management System, it is can supported has a both Linux co and compart to security level and it is Equal to the oracle..
Ok Friends We have to create in Devices in Our Sybase dba Ase server side system …
How to Create Devices in Sybase Dba, I can tell you fully step by step friends with screen shorts friends
First Step we can take name and physname and afterwards size, size is a must and should it is telling our company friends.
Disk init
Name: friends U can take anything name like data_dev1 and mac_dev1 friends, don’t  take with names only  u can take data side are Mac side only.
Physname: Friends here physname meaning is U can Create Path.
Size: size U can take in MB is Friends and afterwards u can enter the button.
U can take 2 types one type is Data device and log device folder friends.
1 step


Disk init
Name =”data_dev1”,
Physname =”  D:\Devices\datadevice\data_dev1”,
Size =”30M”


Log devices also be both are same ..
Disk init
Physname =”D:\Devices\logdevice\log_dev1”,
Size =” 25M”
This is a we have created  as a Sybase Dba devices friends and u can try this devices in your system friends.
How To Create Devices in Sybase Dba with Syntax



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Welcome to Sam Sung smart Phone Newly information provided by the Indian Young Website name is Friends.  This Month We had updated 2016 Latest Mobile is Sam Sung Galaxy J2 Specifications info friends.
Samsung Galaxy J2 Smart Mobile is Released on July 2016, Samsung Mobile J2 Comes Display Inches is 1280 Pixel.
Presently This Phone is Sumptuous Sung Galaxy J2 in this World , Samsung Galaxy J2 is Very Massive Mobile in the current situation U can buy this Smart Phone friends.

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Hi Friends, i Am Avanthika, New technology information released by the World Hyper website name is Free


Coming to the topic name is Samsung Galaxy J5 Full Specification and Price India and Full details launched by the public purpose Friends.


Samsung Galaxy J5 smart phone is a Korea Ki Mobile technology Organization Samsung Smart mobile is Released in June 2015. And This Smart mobile Very sumptuous  Mobile in The World.


And Samsung Galaxy J5 Smart Phone 3 Color is Available in the World Market the colors name is Gold, Silver, White and Black, This sumptuous Smart phone is Totally touch Screen and Duel Sims Available in the Samsung Galaxy J5.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Price is Very low cost in India, and this mobile is Very Light weight very smart phone in Samsung Galaxy J5.


Samsung Galaxy J5 Battery Capacity is Very Nice and battery backup gives in 8 hours in everyday Friends, and Samsung Galaxy j5 rear Camera 13 MP in Front Camera and 5 MP HD Recording, Samsung Galaxy J5 is a video Recording is Led Flash in the mobile.


Samsung Galaxy J5 memory up to 130 GB, and internal memory 8 GB and Ram is 1.5 GB, this mobile is screen size is only 5 inches and this resolution is 1280*720 pixel.


Sam Sung Galaxy J5 Specification :

Sim Size : Nano Sim

Sim Type : Duel Sim

Removal Battery : Yes

Handset Color : Gold, White, Black

Size : 5 Inch

kind : Super AMOLED

Color : 16 M

Memory : micro SD, Upto 128 GB

Weight : 146 Gms

O system : Android v5.1

Processor : 1.2 Ghz Quad Core

Rear Camera : 13 Mp

Focus : Yes, Auto Focus

Battery : 2600 mAh

Front Cam : 5 MP

Browser : Android

Bluetooth : v4.1

Network : 3g,4G,

Gprs : Available

Call Memory : Yes
Click Below Link Friends.


Sam Sung Galaxy J5 Benfits And Price



SamSung Galaxy J5 Phone is Very nice Friends U can take this mobile friends, and this mobile is Very Splendid.

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Hi Friends I am Avanthika I have give special News for u but , what is that, that is Actually Lenovo is a Superb Chinese Splendid Multinational Technology organization  which is the Fields of Gadgets such as Smart Mobile and Laptops Tiny and Big laptops. Lenovo Miix 510 is the newly passion that is released by the organization before at IFA even.
Coming to the point Lenovo Miix 510 has a table cum laptop model friends that comes is fully version, that version of windows 10 O-system. And The sumptuous  body has the 12.2 touch phone for the Public Purpose, and this Special of the is phone is Hyper Speed of Lenovo Miix 510 is Supported by the 6th newly passion Generation and Core i7 the processor Friends.
And Actually this, Organization had released in a Smart mobile has name is Moto Z, Moto z play and Z force along with a Lenovo a6600 Duel. But the Price to cheapest as 600$ only.
Lenovo miix 510 has a Bluetooth and Wifi, USB Connectivity connection are very helpful public users in various forms. The Front of Display camera is very nice in 2 mega pixel and the Primary camera is 5 Mp.
Coming to  Lenovo Miix 510 Specifications.
OS : Windows 10
Memory : 8 Gb
Storage Capacity : Up to 1 TB
Processor : 6 th Passion Generation
Battery Capacity : 29 Whr,
Display : 12.2
Dimensions : 11.81 inches
Graphics : Intel Hd 520.
Camera : Primary 2 Mp
Secondary : 5Mp


Common Friends U Will Buy this Lenovo Miix 510 is Very Superlative smart mobile cum laptop friends, and it is very low cost price, is work only for a middle class people and low class persons and it is very sumptuous phone in Lenovo Miix 510.


Lenovo Miix 510. Smartphone cum smart Fairly laptop and it is battery backup is 8 hours is giving in this Smart mobile cum tiny laptop.


 Lenovo Miix 510 Specification and features . lenovo has smart cum smart laptop.

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Welcome to India , Hi My Name is Avanthika i am From : India Today textuel is Our New about smartphone and smart features in the mobile friends.
Coming to the point Actually Champone C1 Phone Register, and ChamOne smart mobile Flash Sale,Phone. Hello Youngsters Champone India has recently newly launched in World sumptuous cheapness cost 4G Smart phone named has a ChampOne C1 Smart Mobile friends.
Coming To Champ One C1 4g Smart Mobile Specifications and Features.
Champ C1 Fairly mobile is to low cost price, it is very important for middle class family and low family friends , it is only for price in India Rs.501. Only friends and This Mobile is Gives the company the what is the profit got it in company friends, Once u can think friends afterwards u can buy this mobile Friends.
ChampOne C1 Mobile specifications.
The Low Cost Smart phone comes with a2500 Mah Battery, and 16 Gb Storage, Mobile price only for 501 Rs., android 5.1,8 Mega Pixel Camera,.
And Actually this Price is ChampOne C1 MRP is 7999/- but it is available in only for 501 Rs. Friends
ChampOne C1 Mobile specifications.
Champ one C1 smart Mobile Price : 501Rs
Processor : 1.3Ghz
Ram : 2GB
Rear Camera: 8 Mega Pixel
Network : 4G
Display : 5.0 Hd
Memory : 16 GB
Inbuilt : lithium polymer
Registration : Online
Available : Cash On Delivery Champ one C1 smart Mobile Color : Silver, Black, White, Light Pink
Champ one C1 smart Mobile , actually this sumptuous smart phone tag price of  rs .501. Only for the lucky-people and first come and first take friends. This Cheapest tag has been Used by the Organization to the attract of the Mega Majority of the Users. However several amid us may avail Rs 501.
This ChampOne C1 Smartphone Splendid Specifications are available in this mobile. Actually this Original Cost of only for 8000 Rs. And Happily U can Take this phone Champ one C1 smart Mobile.


Net Work : 4G Ltv
Plat Form : MT6735 GHz
Operating System :Android 5.1
Display : 5.0
Sim : Duel
Camera : 8.0
Ram : 2Gb
Internal : 16 Gb
Color : white , Silver, Gold
Audio Jack : 3.5MM
USB Port : MicroPort
Battery Type : Lipo 2500
Assessors : Charger, Data Cable, Earphone,



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ChampOne C1 Smart Phone Costs just Rs 501 Only 




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Hello Friends, theses Avanthika friends , Today we had updated 2016 New Duel Camera Tiny Smartphone launched in India friends. It is A South Korean world multinational giant.

This 2016 year so many smart phone are launched in India friends.


Coming to about LG X series smart phone specification and features and battery backup and memory size information given to the our world Massive Website name is

This newest 2016 tiny smart mobile is named has a LG x Cam and according to lg India official website, LG X cam , and it is Indian price of the to small cost friends the price is only for a Rs. 21, 500 only friends. And this smart mobile is available in Titan Silver Color friends.

And LG X Smart phone coming to Specification and Feature u can get Fully information about this Smart phone updated by the freecenter.


LG X Smart mobile Size : 5.2


LG X Smart Phone Features

Full HD : 1080*1920

Display: 424

Internal Memory: 16 GB

Micro SD Card

Price : 21,500

Mumbai Price: 18000 Rs


Sd Card:

duel Sim

Front Cam : 8 Mp

Battery : 2520

ram : 2 GB

os : 6.0


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Welcome to India Hyderabad, Hi Youngsters Today We had updated 2016 Newest Tiney Mobile and Smart phone information released by the Our World Magnificent Website name is Freecenter, and this website releasing only for new technology.
And Coming to about VIVO Y 21L information and this smart phone is very marvelous and this smart phone is gives to Battery capacity is 2000 mAh Support is 12 hours is giving in this mobile Friends common friends U can buy this Smart phone friends it is very splendid phone friends.
Y21L Specifications.
Mobile : Smart phone
input : Touch screen
Network : GSM:/850/900/1900MHz
Bluetooth : Available
USB : Available
Battery Backup : 12 Hours
wi-Fi : Available
show Size: 4.5 Inc
Memory : 16 GB and 1 GB Ram
Os : Android 5.1 Lollipop with Funtouch 2.5
Video Features : Video Recording
Mobile length : 130.7
Breadth :66.4
weight :140 Gm
Games Support : Yes
Video Player : Yes
Age : Good
Video Recd : Yes
Calendar : S
Apps : s
Alarm : S
phone Dictionary : S
Email : S
Calculator : S
VIVO Y 21L Price : 7490 Rs Only
 y21l Cost : 7490
VIVO Y 21L benifits : Good


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Hi Welcome to India, Hello Youngsters Today we have updated by the Our New Tech 4 G is Came to Market and 4G has Very Major Hydrological Reliance Jio More aggressive public appearance. World Famous Company was told to peoples 4G smart phone is Available in all Market in india and this mobile is very Splendid. Reliance Geo 4G SIM Phones are Supported
life on earth 1
life on earth 2
life on flame 1
life on flame 2
life on flame 6
life flame 6
life water 2
life of water 3
Reliance Geo 4G  Phones are Supported in apple smart phones and u can get all details
Apple iphone 6, apple iphone 6 plus , apple iphone 6s
appile iphone 6 s plus.


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Hi friends Today Our Textual is Fabulous Info Abowt System Tables for Alerts,  Sql jobs, Operators
In this Post, I am Sharing for a List of Splendid list of System Tables to find information about the Sql Server Agent.
Actually This System tables are superb useful for a DBAs to find out Dif info about Sql Jobs, alerts and Operators.
Stored information about the alerts.
select *from msdb.dbo.sysalerts
Sql server Agent job Activity
Select * from msdb.dbo.sysjobactivity
Execution of Scheduled jobs by Sql Agent Server
Select*From msdb.dbo.sysjobhistory
Hoard schedule info for a job executed by sql agent
Select*from msdb.dbo.sysjobschedules
hoard info abowt the Sql Agent operator
Select*from msdb.dbo.sysoperators


Hello Youngsters Pls Share Your Ideas and Opinions about This Textuel Friends


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