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Chiranjeevi Splendid Flick name is Khaidi No 150 Megastars released on 12 jan 2017 Beneath Banner Konidela Production Company. in that Flick cost are Chiranjeevi, Kajal Agarwal, Tarun Arora, Ali, Brahmanandam, Posani, Prudhvi and others.
History by AR Murugadoss for that flick tune director is Devi Sri Prasad.and Dialogues written by Parachuri Brothers, and Vema Reddy. for that flick Cinematography is did by Ratnavelu that flicks Edited by the Gowtham Raju. for that flick Producer is his son Ram Charan.only Directed by V V Vinayak. the fantastic actor Megastar Chiranjeevi his old movie Khaidi in 1983, Megastar Chiranjeevi went on to top actor in the Tollywood after brunch flicks he did the fantastic flicks that are went to records then after he is in the year of 2008 and quit acting and he went to politics.after the nearly after the 10 years he back on the screen from the movie Khaidi No 150. that  Flicks by is story: how Shankar (Chiranjeevi), a social activist fight against a clumsy MNC company to restore farming.

The another Chiru, Kaththi Seenu, a tiny time thief, but an solid intelligent youngster, who swaps position with Shankar because of destiny, and leads the war with the corporate heads by, Tarun Arora,  which tries to steal the fertile lands from villagers.
He lands in the place where Shankar was residing with his villagers. Over time, he realizes who Shankar really is and the noble cause for which he had been fighting. Kaththi Seenu now takes u the war to bring justice to the farmers.On the whole, Khaidi No 150 is a typical mass entertainer.


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Bala Krishna Latest Flick Name is Gautamiputra Satakarni is a 2017 Fantastic Telugu epic historical action flick produced by Y. Rajeev Reddy.

Jagarlamudi Saibabu, Bibo Srinivas on First Frame Entertainment banner and directed by Krish. Written by Sai Madhav Burra Screenplay and Story by Krish Based on Gautamiputra Satakarni.

Actors are Nandamuri Balakrishna, Shriya Saran, Hema Malini and etc., this film Music by Chirantan. Bhatt Cinematography Gnana Shekar V.S,Edited by Suraj Jagtap, Rama Krishna Arram, that flick world wide Release date 12 January 2017 and the film duration time is 135 mins Country India.

Language Telugu Budget 45cr Box office 25cr & 15cr share. The film first look teaser released on 11 .

October 2016 on the occasion of Vijayadashami and trailer launched on 16 December 2016 at Tirumala theatre in Karimnagar, Telangana.

balakrishna gautamiputra satakarni  Watch Online movie

In this film total 5 songs are there they are (Ekimeedaa) Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry Udit Narayan,


Shreya Ghoshal 2.(Gana Gana Gana) Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry Simha, Anand Bhaskar, Vamsi


3.(Mrignayanaa) Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry SP Balu, Shreya Ghoshal 4.(Saaho Saarvabowma Saaho)


Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry Vijay Prakash, Keerthi Sagathia 5.(Singhamu Pai Langhinchenu (Kadhaa Gaanam)) Sai MadhavVijay Prakash the Brahmanda Purana, all the Puranas that contain the genetics of Satavahana kings mention.


balakrishna gautamiputra satakarni movie online watch free

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Aadade Aadharam 29 December 2016 Episode no 2325.

Hi Obsession Friends, this day we have fresh Aadade Aadharam Serial has been updated since 1 hour friends, this day very special for news friends, this is a serial name is Aadade Aadharam 22:30 Min time duration friends, this story has been today very serious friends you can see this below video You have shocked Friends. This story i have to tell fullness story. Actually this yesterday story is Amulya taking to her sister, sister u have came to in my home 3 months before, but u didn’t came to in beneath side and today uday and aishwarya engagement day , sister i am going to complete outside , but lavanya going to outside friends, at the time pardu was seeing in lavanya face , and lavanya face is to much angry , why lavanya to much angry thinking in pardu, at the time pardu has a following  her. Next Shiva god talking to santhosh and raju he was told to the amulya mother stars coming to fall down all are laughing and all are eyes is very smile eyes amulya fall down stars is world is very nice.
After wards Amulya sister lavanya is very crying , her thinking is i am going to god side, i have cheated sister brunch, i have apologize me, at the time amulya husband pardu was coming, at the time he had save to her. why lavanya what is this tele me what is the problem tele me , but lavanya  was to much angry and once pardu was given to punch afterwards she has stopped . Pardu was asking to again tel me what is the problem and lavanya was telling to pardu, bava i have pregnant bava at the time pardu was shock, lavanya is telling to pardu , presently what to do tel me my situation is not good how to do tele me
You can Click Bellow link after wards ,U can see friends
 Aadade Aadharam  serial 29 December 2016
Aadade Aadharam 29 December 2016 Episode no 2325


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Hi obsessions My name is Tony, this day we had uploaded brunch information about our Latest Girls Hair style, how to tempt with girls big hairstyle friends, once u can Saw that hairs , he was said to us , actually boy are liking to the girls hairs. What is that Big hairs and short hairs friends, actually girls hairs is Very tempting, at the time boys are thinking is another friends. Now a days Boys Srungaram is  Very Very important friends, girls are liking boys and boys are linking girls, what a communication a it is very Splendid, girls hairs is Very Tempting hairs , Once U can See this Video , it was very Glories.




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Hi obsession Friends this day Our Topic is aadade aadharam 27TH December 2016 Fullness Video , i have updated this complete time duration is 22:10 Min but no advertisement friends. This Day Aadade Aadharam Serial story was it is Very most important story this day, actually aadade aadharam actress name is Amulya was to much angry with Bhavani, he is a Very big villain in this Serial, aadade aadharam serial Amulya was to angry, she is taking to nagappa ( naggappa is Snake) the snake is God , amulya was said to naggappa, amulya was said to naggappa bhavani got a  Punishment , Presently Pardu is very safety Nagappa and at the time Our naggappa seeing in her and afterwards pardu is came to back in Amulya place at the time Amulya had fall down, afterwards pardu and master came to Amulya place , at the time both are shocked, amulya getup , amulya getup, i have came back please getup pardu was told to her.
Afterwards Amulya and Pardu came to Home , at the time pardu mom was said to her, amma amulya husband purpose poradendi , u have husband purpose u have took take care in your husband , and u have got your husband amuly and pardu , pardu father and mother all are very happily and all are drinking to the coffee at the time friends this story was Yesterday friends
Aadadey Aadharam 28 th December 2016 episode no 2324.
aadade aadharam 28 th December 2016 story is pardu mother was told her, why  she has been reading in since 3 months , pardu mom was telling to amulya , u can told to her u can keep your books inside once u can told her your sister come to down amulya has said to her ok aunty , i will go and come aunty  after wards tune is coming , at the time amulya sister was so much hungry, she was told lavanya lavanya, what sister, at the time amulya asking to why your face is not good, why anything problem sister is telling to her , no sister all is happy and Amulya telling to her sister u have came to here 3 months before but you have reading is Very high
but You have staying in complete in your institute, at the time amulya sister face is not good ,
You Can See your eyes is not good fully red your eyes sister , ok you can go and wash your face, beneath uday master and aishwaraya engagement is running, u can came afterwards u can eat thinepivvu ok , afterwards u can take rest ok Amulya sister has told to her ok sister.
At the time Amulya thinking what is their problem she is not fine presently , amulya went back in ground floor , what is that  one and only u have came tel me at the time amulya was said to her , lavanya is reading somuch  , she has forget all members she is reading very hyper aunty. auntey was told her, u can go her went outside , pardu mom seeing to her husband she is asking her husband, afterwards One came to romantic song , this song is Very nice it is a Engagement song. but aishwary face is not good, she is not liking to uday,  uday u can see first u can set in uyala after wards aishwary is upali , after wards all are laughing.
 Uday has talking to her , what is the purpose this tele me then Amulya was give to replay afterwards whenever u have marriage u and ashwarya life is  very good, at the time Uday was given smile . but aishwary face is not good , Afterwards all are laughing , then uday sitting to the uyala place after wards pardu mom was told her ,  no profit Aishwarya u com i and pardu is going, u can take rest , pardu come we have to uppudamu . afterwards uday was told her amma amma, no no over over please, stop amma stop amma , what master u have to much height , you have big body, please amma stop stop, amma over over, all are laughing.
uday what is uday why are you phobia tele me but amulya sister is so much crying why,
Amulya sister was writing in paper , sister  i have done work is wrong, sister please apology me i am going to complete outside, i will not came in back please apology me , i have cheated so much please apology afterwards she came to down, she is seeing in all are face.
After wards u can set , Hello uday u can start uday, afterwards we have start but Aishwarya was not phobia , she was told her i am not phobia, Amulya was told him master u can leveit , i will start pardu sir come , we have start , aunty and santhosh u can came and start santhosh, i have tied come pardu. Pardu and mom all are stopped, ok Raju u can try at the time Aishwarya face is different looks , she is thinking what is that automatic stop afterwards Raju is seeing with her , Raju is seeing front back front back, suddenly she was fall down.
Ok Friends U can Cleck Below link friends.



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Hi Friends this is David, i have chipped Song info given to you friends, this song is one week before was released, this song complete distinct song it is Complete Very Nice Song Friends, first You can here this song after wards u can share with your friends, this song complete distinct info this song from Indian Best hot  song video and audio friends, it is complete love purpose and brunch heart purpose only  friends, It is Very Biggest song in indian side friends.

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Hello Today Textual is Our world fact that maverick flick director name is RGV Seeks to garner highly publicity for his Evrey Flick through Controversy rather than it is Purely Quality elements in the flick, and what he is getting in impending nelwy flick name is Vangaveeti.
But that movie is does not had much quality in it, the actually this  story has  it was complete itself has a abundent controversial elements.


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Hi damsel today we had updated debutante info about Our Tollywood and Tamil version hero name is Vishal , he is the most big-wig in all industry, he his debutante latest movie name is Okkadochadu. It is Complete Telugu Version flick.
Actually This Flick Tamil Dubbed Flick it is changing to Telugu side Flick name is Okkadochadu , Okkadochadu Full movie watch online Free friends , if you want Okkadochadu Full online movie U can click Below link friends, and this movie story is Complete Entertainment. Okkadochadu Telugu movie online, this Okkadochadu movie directed by Suraj and produced by S.Nanthagopal.



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U can See Up image Friends this is Very important

Hi Friends Today We have Share with you,  it is a about our Health info friends , U can See up Image Friends it is how to Decrease Your Stomach Friends, i have to tell Brunch info about stomach, it is how to lose, big stomach to small stumch friends.
Now days Public Stumch is Very high, so many public are suffering from stumch, but i will share with you this slightly points, i will have to tele you Friends.
1) youngsters Don’t eat hyper Sugar and avoid slightly Sweetened and drinks.
2) U can Eat extermeley protein is a great long term strategy .
3) If You Can Eat rich fiber foods. there are plenty of the extremely hyper weight , who people splendid health.
And Some ingredients

1) Ulavalu = 50Gms
2) Water = 10 % Heigh(50*10)
3) Allam Paste : 1 Grm
4) Zeera Powder : 1 Grm
5) Saindava lavanam : 2 grams
6 ) Mirayala powder : 1 grm

U can Mingle all ingredients, u can heat all they items and afterwards U can drink evening session 4 clock only .


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Hi Friends ,  I am Sabena Bagam We have debutante news share with you friends brunch info about from Our Chipped Telugu Flick Industry says, Evv Satyanarayana’s hyper Comic Flick ” JAMBA LAKIDI PAMBA” is now to remake  a Sequel as a PAMBA LAKIDI JAMBA”,
The Veteran Dir Evv Satyanarayana has dir the prequel, and this movie heroes as a Our 6 fts handsome boy name is Naresh and Amani in the year of the 1993. This Flick has extremely hit of the Tollywood industry in lot of buzz in those days.
And now, the comedy king of Tollywood Mega son. of Evv Satyanarayana, Allari naresh is going to be a part of  PAMBA LAKIDI JAMBA. this movie title is Very highlight in tollywood big industry. His Latest misty Movie name is ” Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam ” is all enterly see to hit the all screens soon on 30 th December.
As now, the Young hero naresh is exhibit hyper interest on this same flick as he want to do the flick on his own production banner. His Big brother  Aryan Rajesh will be produce the same project/ The Director and rest of the cast details.
However, the old days Super Mind blowing laughing Flick name is JAMBA LAKIDI PAMBA and is created the lot of hug those days. Actually The Flick is Fully Feminism and rights of women in comic manner.
In frankly, the Yesterday Comedy Flick JAMBA LAKIDI PAMBA is reportedly made with the many top comic of the Chipped of the Tollywood industry.
Allari naresh is 6 ft boy, he is very handsome person in Tollywood largish industry, and he got so many hit flick in Tollywood industry.
Allari naresh Before flick name is  Sudigadu Flick this movie Complete entertainment flick in tollywood big industry friends and allari naresh acting is Very cool and smart acting in tollywood flick industry