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Name: Suchitra Karthik Kumar her nick Name: Suchi she is born in 14 august 1979 her Father name is Ramadurai.J her mother name is Padmaja she is married with H Karthik Kumar she had a Sister called Sunitha she native place is Mayiladuthurao.
she is present lives at Karpagam Avenue 2nd street, Chennai-28. her Mother Tongue Tamil she Qualification is BSc, MBA she studied for the College of PSG Institute of Management she had a knowledge of the Languages Tamil, Hindi, English,Malayalam she had Introduced by Timothy Madhukar her First Song was Pelican paravaigal for that song music director is Yuvan Shankar Raja but it is not released her Turning Point in her career  Uyirin Uyirae she had a sung Number of songs far 150 up she got the award Commonwealth Award for Asia’s best short story – 2003 &a 2005.
she had a Other talents also in that she is activities: RJ, Dubbing, Writing a column  for ‘The Hindu’ in her life free time she will do the Yoga, Badminton. for the contact through the social media her Email is Suchitra.r@gmail.com.
She most loveable song is Ilamai idho idho it is in the movie of sakalakala vallavan, her favorite films is Virumandi, Paruththi veeran, Guna her favorite Music Directors is Ilayaraja, AR Rahman, Yuvan. her favorite hero is Kamal Hassan and heroin Kareena Kapoor, Anushka.
 her favourite Food Home-cooked food she like the dressing type like Saree her favourite Place are Chennai, Pondy her favorite Country is USA her favourite Colour is White her favourite is Sport Cricket she reads mostle these Books My experiments with truth (Ghandhiji),
Mahabharatha her favourite Leader Ghandhi, Kamaraj, Now Obama she like to travel in the Ferrari  in her life Happiest Moments is Recording for Yuvan, Thaman, G.V.Prakash, Vijay Antony, and having a great friendship with Simbhu.
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Biography
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Real Name : Suchitra Karthik Kumar
Suchitra Karthik Kumar tiny Name : Np
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Body Color : White
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Legs color : white
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Bio-data
Suchitra Karthik Kumar lips Color : Super
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Hair Color : Black
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Mouth Color: White
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Range : Super
Suchitra Karthik Kumar age : 37
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Date Of Birth : April/ 14/1979
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Father Name : Np
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Mother Name : Np
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Affair : Np
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Qualification
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Marriage Photos : Np
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Education : Np
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Marriage Photos :Np
Suchitra Karthik Kumar First song Name :
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Affair : Np
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Favorite
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Favorite Book: NP
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Favorite Place: Np
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Favorite Country : Np
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Favorite Tourist Place : Np
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Favorite Website : Np
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Weight : 55
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Home Town : NP
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Home Address :
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Family Background
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Favorite Junk Food : Np
Suchitra Karthik Kumar ties color : White
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Biography Age Biodata Wiki Height Weight Profile family Career
Suchitra Karthik Kumar Favorite bike : Np



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Tiffany Trump Biography
Hi Friends I am Nela I have Freshness News updated World Mega US President daughter name is Tiffany Trump details complete info given to Our Brilliant Website name is Freecenter.
Ya Friends Coming to Straight point We have updated about Our Stunning Girl Tiffany Trump info Friends.
 Tiffany Trump Was Born in Oct 1993, she is a an American Internet Personality, singer and model, She is the Best Model of the World, she is Daughter of the Our Mega Gigantic US President Elect of the Us, Donald Trump, and his another wife name is Marla Maples.
Tiffany Trump  Was Born in West Palm Beach, in Florida US, She is Stunning girl in World.
 Tiffany Trump Biodata
 Tiffany Trump Full Name :  Tiffany Trump
 Tiffany Trump Real Name : Tiffany
 Tiffany Trump Tiny Name : Tiffany
 Tiffany Trump Height :  173
 Tiffany Trump Bra Size : 25
 Tiffany Trump Face Color : White
 Tiffany Trump Legs Color : White
 Tiffany Trump Age : 23
 Tiffany Trump Date Of Birth : Oct 1993
 Tiffany Trump Weight : 55
 Tiffany Trump affair : Ross Mechanic
 Tiffany Trump Family Back ground
 Tiffany Trump Father Name : Np
 Tiffany Trump Mother Name : NP
 Tiffany Trump Sisters Name : NP
 Tiffany Trump Brothers Name : Np
 Tiffany Trump Tie Color : White
 Tiffany Trump Lips Color : Light Pink
 Tiffany Trump Nationality : American
 Tiffany Trump Profile:
 Tiffany Trump Bra Size : 20
 Tiffany Trump Figure Size : 34-26-34 Inc
 Tiffany Trump Favorite Book : Np
Tiffany Trump Favorite Place : Np
Tiffany Trump Favorite Car : NP
Tiffany Trump Favorite Bike : NP
Tiffany Trump Favorite Country : NP
Tiffany Trump Favorite Actress : Np
Tiffany Trump Favorite Actor :NP
Tiffany Trump Favorite Food : NP
Tiffany Trump Favorite Junk Food : NP
Tiffany Trump Favorite singer : Np
Tiffany Trump Face book Id : Np
Tiffany Trump Favorite Tea : Np
Tiffany Trump Favorite Coffee : Np
​Tiffany Trump Biodata
Tiffany Trump had studied in Viewpoint School in Calabasas in California, her Voice is Very Splendid in the World, she had a educated in University of Pennsylvania.
Tiffany Trump Was an The Only Daughter of the Our World Mega Presiden of the United states of America,
Tiffany Trump had a Great Passion for Tune and has released a single ” Like a Bird “,
 Tiffany Trump Hair Color : White

Tiffany Trump Home Town : New York

Tiffany Trump Birth Place : New York City, USA

Tiffany Trump Eye Color : Blue

Tiffany Trump Religion : Np

Tiffany Trump Martial Status : UnMarried

Tiffany Trump Smoking Habit : No

Tiffany Trump Biography Height Weight Age BRA SIZE Affair Family Biodata Profile Date of Birth

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Jane Levy whose complete name is Jane Colburn Levy whose origin is in America and an Actress in Hollywood who acted in films like FUN SIZE, NOBODY WALKS, EVIL DEAD.
She is the daughter of Lester levy and Mary who are from almost different religion beliefs who are responsible for Jane Levy’s birth at California. She was also listed in one of the great Magazine named FORBES with the list named as 30 UNDER 30 WHO ARE REINVENTING THE WORLD.
She is also known as the Brightest star of the future. She started her career in debut in a TV series named SHAMELESS. She got into official relationship and married Jaime Freitas in 2011, and also separated in 2011 it may be funny but true that they were married and separated in the same year due to some miss-balancing and mishandling of their life.
Here is the list of some of the Films she showed up 1-NOBODY_WALKS, 2-FUN_SIZE, 3-EVIL_DEAD, 4-ABOUT_ALEX, 5-BANG_BANG_BABY, 6-FRANK_AND_CINDY, 7-DON’T_BREATH. She is often referred to the one of the Sexiest actor EMMA STONE as she too have Red hair.
She was raised up in Northern California and she got the chance in Evil Dead, in the place of Lily Collins, and her height is of 5feet and 1.5 inch which is about 156CM. According to me, she is cute and a dynamic character.
In the school timing she was a member of Hip Hop Dancing and also captain of the soccer gang. She was considered as one of the member of BREAKOUT Stars of 2K11, and also occupied a place in the list of top 11 list of funniest women, which was hosted by AOL.
She is also going to be a part in the film, named Monster Trucks which is going to be directed by Chris Wedge, who directed the Ice age series. She says about herself being a Floater, who is someone who will hangout with everyone.
she took her graduation degree from Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New york. After her graduation she stayed over New york for about two years and moved to Los Angeles, she acted as Mandy Milkovich in a 5-episode, named Shameless.



Jane Levy Father name : Lester Levy

Mother Name : Mary Levy

Age :  28


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Hi Friends, I am garima i have newly news information released , is a one of the hyper important American Girl Fullness Biography Bra Size , bio data complete updated by American Largish website name is Free center.
Today lesson Our United states of American Famed girl name is Aaliyah Full news info up to childhood info gathered by the freecenter.in friends,
Aaliyah was Born on Jan 1979, 16, in Brooklyn, New York City, She has very Stunning Famed girl in USA country side, coming her current age is 36. She had a Very Big American charming singer and she got a So many awards , her Debunt album signed with Jiva Records and her uncle Barry Hankersons’s Background Records.
And She has signed to a recording contract age is only for 12. Afterwards she has become very popular at the time she has very stunning girl in USA.  Her voice is very Good voice and her smiley is very Stunning, her popular in age of 12 the in 1994. On her Way home from Music Video shoot in 2001.
Coming to Aaliyah Family Background her family member is 8 members.

Aaliyah Family

Michael Haughton

mother name :

date of birth :  Jan 1979, 16


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Hi Friends I am Tony..

Jessica Alba is a award winning Hollywood actress and also a business-tycoon who started her career at an tender age of 13 with her debut in &quot. The Secret World of Alex Mack&quot, and &quot, Camp Nowhere&quot.
She was born on April 28 in the year of 1981 in a town named Pomona located in California US. Her parents were from different regions namely Mother Catherine Louisa alias nee Jensen from Danish, German English and French history and her father from California. her father is very large person in Hollywood.
 Jessica suffered from partially collapsed Lungs two times and with Pneumonia. She showed her interest in the acting field right from her childhood from the age of 11 who started at an acting competition by winning a prize as Free Acting classes and she also worked with the great SCI-FI Director James Cameron who Picked her from a crowd of 1200 members and made a television series named &quot, Dark Angel &quot, which made her to Golden Globe Nomination. She was also ranked as one of the top elegant 100 hot women in Maxim Magazine.
 Here is the list of some of her films as 1-The Killer Inside me 2-Fantastic Four 3-Fantastic four (The Rise of Silver Surfer) 4- Valentine& 39 s Day. 5-Spy KIDs: All the time in the world. Her Film Valentine & 39 s day was Hit Romantic comedy film which was directed by Garry Marshall

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LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 18: Comedian Tom Green (L) and magician Criss Angel attend the 2014 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 18, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

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criss angel Biography
Criss angel  Birth Name :  Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos
Criss angel  Full name : Christopher Nicholas Saranakos
Criss angel Tiny Name : Criss angel
Criss angel Biodata
Criss angel Age : 49
Criss angel Date Of Birth : Dec/19/1967
Criss angel Born Place : USA
Criss angel Family Particulars
Criss angel Father Name : John Sarantakos
Criss angel  MoM Name : Dimitra Sarantakos
Criss angel  Children Name : Not Present
Criss angel   Build : Not Present
Criss angel  Education Details
Criss angel  College Name : Not Known
Criss angel  School Name : East Meadow High
Criss angel  Career
Criss angel  Profile
Criss angel  Residence : USA
Criss angel  Zodiac Sing : Sagittarius
Criss angel  Nationality : American
Criss angel  Girl friend Affairs
Criss angel  Girl Friend Name : Katy Johnson
Criss angel  Wife Name : Sandra Gonzalez
 Criss angel   Body Fact
Criss angel  Height : 6 Feets
Criss angel  Weight : 60
Criss angel  Home Address :
Criss angel  House Address : Not Present
Criss angel  Neck Size :  Not Present
Criss angel  Waist Size : Not Present
Criss angel  Biceps size : Not Present
Criss angel  Chest Size : 25
Criss angel  Face Color : White
Criss angel  Color : white
Criss angel   Legs Color : White
Criss angel   Eye color : light Brown
Criss angel  Hair Color : Black
Criss angel   Hands Color : White
Criss angel  Fingers Criss angel Color : White
Criss angel  Professional : Magician , Producer
Criss angel  favorisé Food : Not Present
Criss angel Favorite Comedian :
Criss angel  favorisé Actor : Not Present
Criss angel  favorisé Director : Not Present
Criss angel favorisé Producer Name : Not Available
Criss angel favorisé Friend : Not Present
Criss angel  favorisé Website Name : Freecenter.in
Criss angel  favorisé Area Name : Not Present
Criss angel  favorisé Place Name : Not present
Criss angel favorisé Car : Not available
Criss angel  favorisé Bike : Not Present
Criss angel  favorisé Place : Not Present
Criss angel  favorisé Actor Name : Not present
Criss angel  favorisé Story Name ; Not Present
Criss angel  favorisé Movie name : Not Present
Criss angel  Wiki :
Criss angel  first Emplo yer:
Criss angel  Debut: Not Present
Criss angel  Current Place : Not Present
Criss angel  Early Career :
Criss angel  Biography Height Age Biodata Affairs Family Career Profile Weight


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Thomas Davis Biography

Thomas Davis Real Name: Thomas Antinio Davis

Thomas Davis Short Name : Thomas

Thomas Davis Nick Name : Davis

Thomas Davis Tiny Name : Antinio

Thomas Davis Biodata

Thomas Davis Age :33

Thomas Davis Date Of Birth : 1983

Thomas Davis Birth Place : Shelman, Georgia

Thomas Davis Family Details

Thomas Davis Father Name :  Not Present

Thomas Davis Mother Name : Not Present

Thomas Davis Brothers Name : Not Present

Thomas Davis Sisters Name : Not Present

Thomas Davis Education Details

Thomas Davis School Name : Not Present

Thomas Davis College Name : Not Present

Thomas Davis Body Fact

Thomas Davis Height : 6

Thomas Davis Weight : 65

Thomas Davis  Waist size : Not Present

Thomas Davis Fresh  Neck Size : Not Present

Thomas Davis Profession: Foot ball

Thomas Davis Occupation:

Thomas Davis Astrogical Sign :

Thomas Davis Career

Thomas Davis Face Color : Light Black

Thomas Davis Hair Color : Light Brown

Thomas Davis  Eye Color:

Thomas Davis Legs Color : Black

Thomas Davis Hands Color : Black

Thomas Davis Finger color ; Black

Thomas Davis Favorites

Thomas Davis  Favorite Food : Not Present

Thomas Davis Favorite Place : Not Present

Thomas Davis  Favorite Actor : Not Present

Thomas Davis Favorite Actress : Not Present

Thomas Davis Favorite Game : Not Present

Thomas Davis  Favorite Sports : Not present

Thomas Davis Favorite country : Not Present

Thomas Davis Favorite color : Not Present

Thomas Davis Favorite Website : Not Present

Thomas Davis Girl Friend Affairs

Thomas Davis Girl Friend Name : Not Present

Thomas Davis Girl affairs

Thomas Davis wife Name : Not Present

Thomas Davis Wife Photos : Not Present

Thomas Davis Marriage Date :

Thomas Davis Marriage Videos : Not Present

Thomas Davis


Thomas Davis Biography Height Weight Age Affairs Biodata Family Career Profile



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Bankroll Fresh Real Name: Bankroll Fresh
Bankroll Fresh Short Name : Bankroll
Bankroll Fresh Nick Name : Bankroll
Bankroll Fresh Tiny Name : Bankroll
Bankroll Fresh Biodata
Bankroll Fresh Age :28
Bankroll Fresh Date Of Birth : 1984
Bankroll Fresh Birth Place : Atlanta, Georgia
Bankroll Fresh Family Details
Bankroll Fresh Father Name :  Not Present
Bankroll Fresh Mother Name : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh Brothers Name : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh Sisters Name : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh Education Details
Bankroll Fresh School Name : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh College Name : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh Body Fact
Bankroll Fresh Height : 5’5
Bankroll Fresh Weight : 60
Bankroll Fresh  Waist size : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh  Neck Size : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh Profession: Actor,
Bankroll Fresh Occupation: Actor
Bankroll Fresh Astrogical Sign :
Bankroll Fresh Career
Bankroll Fresh Face Color : Black
Bankroll Fresh Hair Color : Black
Bankroll Fresh  Eye Color: Light Black
Bankroll Fresh  Legs Color : White
Bankroll Fresh  Hands Color : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh Finger color ; Not Present
Bankroll Fresh  Favorites
Bankroll Fresh  Favorite Food : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh Favorite Place : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh  Favorite Actor : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh Favorite Actress : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh Favorite Game : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh  Favorite Sports : Not present
Bankroll Fresh Favorite country : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh Favorite color : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh Favorite Website : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh  Girl Friend Affairs
Bankroll Fresh   Girl Friend Name : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh  Girl affairs
Bankroll Fresh  wife Name : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh  Wife Photos : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh Marriage Date :
Bankroll Fresh Marriage Videos : Not Present
Bankroll Fresh All Videos
Bankroll Fresh First Movie :
Bankroll Fresh Home Address :
Bankroll Fresh Home town:
Bankroll Fresh Biography Height Weight Age Affairs Career Family Biodata Profile






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Welcome To Freecenter.in

Josh Hopkins Biography

Josh Hopkins Real Name: William Josh Hopkins

Josh Hopkins Short Name : Hopkins

Josh Hopkins Nick Name : Josh

Josh Hopkins Tiny Name : Josh

Josh Hopkins Biodata

Josh Hopkins Age : 46

Josh Hopkins Date Of Birth : 12/Sep/1970

Josh Hopkins Birth Place : Lexington, USA

Josh Hopkins Family Details

Josh Hopkins Father Name :  Larry Joshua Hopkins

Josh Hopkins Mother Name : Carolyn. J. Hopkins

Josh Hopkins Brothers Name : Not Present

Josh Hopkins Sisters Name : Not Present

Josh Hopkins Education Details

Josh Hopkins School Name : Sayre School

Josh Hopkins College Name : Not Present

Josh Hopkins Body Fact

Josh Hopkins Height : 6’2

Josh Hopkins Weight : 65

Josh Hopkins  Waist size : Not Present

Josh Hopkins  Neck Size : Not Present

Josh Hopkins Profession: Actor, Director

Josh Hopkins Occupation: Actor

Josh Hopkins  Astrogical Sign : Virgo

Josh Hopkins Career

Josh Hopkins Face Color : White

Josh Hopkins Hair Color : Light Brown

Josh Hopkins  Eye Color:

Josh Hopkins  Legs Color : White

Josh Hopkins  Hands Color : White

Josh Hopkins Finger color ; White

Josh Hopkins  Favorites

Josh Hopkins  Favorite Food : Not Present

Josh Hopkins  Favorite Place : Not Present

Josh Hopkins  Favorite Actor : Not Present

Josh Hopkins  Favorite Actress : Not Present

Josh Hopkins  Favorite Game : Not Present

Josh Hopkins  Favorite Sports : Not present

Josh Hopkins  Favorite country : Not Present

Josh Hopkins  Favorite color : Not Present

Josh Hopkins  Favorite Website : Not Present

Josh Hopkins  Girl Friend Affairs

Josh Hopkins   Girl Friend Name : Not Present

Josh Hopkins   Girl affairs

Josh Hopkins   wife Name : Not Present

Josh Hopkins   Wife Photos : Not Present

Josh Hopkins   Marriage Date :

Josh Hopkins   Marriage Videos : Not Present

Josh Hopkins  Profile

Josh Hopkins First Movie : Parallel Sons

Josh Hopkins First Serial :

Josh Hopkins

Josh Hopkins Biography Height Weight Age Affairs Family Biodata Career

Josh Hopkins



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Welcome to Freecente.in, Hello Youngsters,  We Are updated in Our Hollywood Mega Biggish Actor Josh Cuthbert Fullness Biography and height weight, biodata profile and complete information about Josh Cuthbert. Josh Cuthbert is very popular Actor in Hollywood.

Josh Cuthbert Biography

Josh Cuthbert Born Name : Joshua Thomas John Cuthbert

Josh Cuthbert Short Name : Josh Cuthbert

Josh Cuthbert Biodata

Josh Cuthbert Date Of Birth : 28/Jul/1992

Josh Cuthbert Age : 24

Josh Cuthbert Born Palce : Ascot, Uk

Josh Cuthbert Profile :

Josh Cuthbert Occupation : Singer, Song writer, Model

Josh Cuthbert Build : Slim

Josh Cuthbert Genre : Pop

Josh Cuthbert Labels: Epic Records

Josh Cuthbert Family Info

Josh Cuthbert Father Name : Graham Browne

Josh Cuthbert Mother Name : Kathryn Cuthbert

Josh Cuthbert Body Fact

Josh Cuthbert Height : 5 ft 11

Josh Cuthbert barognosis : 73kg

Josh Cuthbert Ponds: 161

Josh Cuthbert Body Measurements

Josh Cuthbert Chest Size : 39in

Josh Cuthbert Arms/Biceps : 15

Josh Cuthbert Waist Size : 32

Josh Cuthbert Body Color

Josh Cuthbert Eye Color : Blue

Josh Cuthbert Hair Color : Dark Brown

Josh Cuthbert Legs color : White

Josh Cuthbert Hands Color : White

Josh Cuthbert Fingers Color : white

Josh Cuthbert Favorite


Josh Cuthbert  Favorite Movie : The Notebook (2004)

Josh Cuthbert Tv Show : Cartoon character-Shrek

Josh Cuthbert Girl Friends Affairs


Josh Cuthbert Girl Friend Name : Ella Henderson ( 2012 )

Chole Lloyd (2014-present)


Paning group launched the authorization Union J Sticker Collection on feb 7, 2014
When I was 14, he got a chance to star in the West End Musical chitty Chitty Bang Bang