Hi Friends, I am garima i have newly news information released , is a one of the hyper important American Girl Fullness Biography Bra Size , bio data complete updated by American Largish website name is Free center.
Today lesson Our United states of American Famed girl name is Aaliyah Full news info up to childhood info gathered by the freecenter.in friends,
Aaliyah was Born on Jan 1979, 16, in Brooklyn, New York City, She has very Stunning Famed girl in USA country side, coming her current age is 36. She had a Very Big American charming singer and she got a So many awards , her Debunt album signed with Jiva Records and her uncle Barry Hankersons’s Background Records.
And She has signed to a recording contract age is only for 12. Afterwards she has become very popular at the time she has very stunning girl in USA.  Her voice is very Good voice and her smiley is very Stunning, her popular in age of 12 the in 1994. On her Way home from Music Video shoot in 2001.
Coming to Aaliyah Family Background her family member is 8 members.

Aaliyah Family

Michael Haughton

mother name :

date of birth :  Jan 1979, 16



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