Aadade Aadharam 29 December 2016 Episode no 2325.

Hi Obsession Friends, this day we have fresh Aadade Aadharam Serial has been updated since 1 hour friends, this day very special for news friends, this is a serial name is Aadade Aadharam 22:30 Min time duration friends, this story has been today very serious friends you can see this below video You have shocked Friends. This story i have to tell fullness story. Actually this yesterday story is Amulya taking to her sister, sister u have came to in my home 3 months before, but u didn’t came to in beneath side and today uday and aishwarya engagement day , sister i am going to complete outside , but lavanya going to outside friends, at the time pardu was seeing in lavanya face , and lavanya face is to much angry , why lavanya to much angry thinking in pardu, at the time pardu has a following  her. Next Shiva god talking to santhosh and raju he was told to the amulya mother stars coming to fall down all are laughing and all are eyes is very smile eyes amulya fall down stars is world is very nice.
After wards Amulya sister lavanya is very crying , her thinking is i am going to god side, i have cheated sister brunch, i have apologize me, at the time amulya husband pardu was coming, at the time he had save to her. why lavanya what is this tele me what is the problem tele me , but lavanya  was to much angry and once pardu was given to punch afterwards she has stopped . Pardu was asking to again tel me what is the problem and lavanya was telling to pardu, bava i have pregnant bava at the time pardu was shock, lavanya is telling to pardu , presently what to do tel me my situation is not good how to do tele me
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 Aadade Aadharam  serial 29 December 2016
Aadade Aadharam 29 December 2016 Episode no 2325



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