U can See Up image Friends this is Very important

Hi Friends Today We have Share with you,  it is a about our Health info friends , U can See up Image Friends it is how to Decrease Your Stomach Friends, i have to tell Brunch info about stomach, it is how to lose, big stomach to small stumch friends.
Now days Public Stumch is Very high, so many public are suffering from stumch, but i will share with you this slightly points, i will have to tele you Friends.
1) youngsters Don’t eat hyper Sugar and avoid slightly Sweetened and drinks.
2) U can Eat extermeley protein is a great long term strategy .
3) If You Can Eat rich fiber foods. there are plenty of the extremely hyper weight , who people splendid health.
And Some ingredients

1) Ulavalu = 50Gms
2) Water = 10 % Heigh(50*10)
3) Allam Paste : 1 Grm
4) Zeera Powder : 1 Grm
5) Saindava lavanam : 2 grams
6 ) Mirayala powder : 1 grm

U can Mingle all ingredients, u can heat all they items and afterwards U can drink evening session 4 clock only .



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